BLAST reveals Manchester as location for first R6 Major cover image

BLAST reveals Manchester as location for first R6 Major

This is the first major R6 event in the city.

Manchester will be the city that will host the first BLAST R6 Major of the 2024 season. The announcement was made by Ubisoft with tickets now on sale.

This will be the first international event that the city will host. 20 of the best teams in the world will head to the B.E.C. Arena in Manchester in May.

When will BLAST R6 Major Manchester take place?

The first Major of the 2024 season will be in May. Only the third phase of the competition will be open to the public:

  • Phase 1: May 16 to May 17 - not open to public
  • Phase 2: May 19 to May 22 - not open to public
  • Phase 3: May 24 to May 26 - open to the public at the arena

Changes in the format for Major

BLAST R6 Major Manchester will have changes to its format. This week, Ubisoft announced changes to ranking points for the Six Invitational and regional leagues.

The modified phase will be Phase 1. The eight teams in this phase will play a modified Best of 3 Double Elimination Bracket. The four best teams from this phase will join Phase 2. This phase will have 16 teams that, in a Swiss format, will select the eight teams who move to the Playoffs (Phase 3).

Photo: Ubisoft / João F
Photo: Ubisoft / João F

Tickets for BLAST R6 Major Manchester

Fans are now able to purchase tickets for the competition. The event is open to people over 18 years old. Young people between the ages of 16 and 17 will be required to provide parental consent. Ticket prices vary between days and rewards.

  • 3-day pass: £75
  • 1-day pass: Friday £30, Saturday £35, Sunday £35
  • Gold 3-day VIP pass: £150 - with multiple rewards like on-site privileges such as priority check-in and an fast track entry lane into the venue

Before BLAST R6 Major Manchester, Rainbow Six Siege fans will have the Six Invitational in February to see the best players in action.

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