Rainbow Six Siege esports: Six Invitational groups revealed cover image

Rainbow Six Siege esports: Six Invitational groups revealed

Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest tournament starts on Feb. 13.

Ubisoft revealed the lineup of the four groups participating in Six Invitational, which is the main tournament in the Rainbow Six Siege esports circuit taking place in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Six Invitational groups are scheduled to play from Feb. 13 to Feb. 17. The competitive year was dominated by w7m esports. The previous edition of Six Invitational was between G2 and w7m esports, with G2 coming out on top.

How will the Six Invitational groups work?

Each group will have five teams and only the bottom-ranked team in each group will be eliminated. The remaining four teams will then create a double-elimination bracket based on their standings

The placement of the teams will be decided by the points scored in the group stage. Every team will face each other as well. If we follow the system from previous editions, each result will give different points:

  • 4 points for a 2:0 win
  • 3 points for a 2:1 win
  • 1 point for a 1:2 loss
  • 0 points for a 0:2 loss

Composition of the Six Invitational groups

The groups for the 2024 edition of the Six Invitational promise great clashes. G2 is aiming for their third title while w7m esports is seeking to cap off their 2023 with a championship.

Groups and teams (Image via Rainbow Six Esports)
Groups and teams (Image via Rainbow Six Esports)

Group A

  • G2 Esports
  • DarkZero Esports
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Geekay Esports
  • FearX

The champion group from the 2023 Six Invitational, G2, will be up against opponents who might pose challenges for the team in the upcoming competition.

DarkZero will arrive with two new additions, including Nathan "Nafe" Sharp and young star Jason "Beaulo" Doty. Additionally, Beaulo will return to the competition after retiring at the beginning of 2023.

Emerging from a region that's on the rise, Geekay from the Middle East made a surprising impact at the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta event. The team reached the playoffs and will now gear up for another international competition.

Ninjas in Pyjamas reached the group stage of the upcoming Six Invitational, earning recognition for their consistent performance in 2023. The Brazilian team is set to qualify for both Majors this year, with a playoff appearance expected in the first Major. The team has a strong track record in the Six Invitational, winning the 2021 edition and securing second place in 2020. The team still boasts three core players who played key roles in achieving these successes.

Formerly SANDBOX, FearX will have the difficult task of fighting for a place in the playoffs.

Group B

  • FaZe Clan
  • Dplus KIA
  • Spacestation Gaming
  • Wolves Esports
  • Team Bliss

FaZe Clan will feature prominently in Group B of the upcoming Six Invitational as one of the biggest names. In the 2023 Majors, the Brazilian team had setbacks, falling in the semifinals of both events. FaZe Clan also clinched victories in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Brazil League.

The Koreans from Dplus KIA managed to qualify for both Majors, but ended up at the swiss stage in them. The team will be trying to go further in international competitions.

Winner of the 2020 Six Invitational, Spacestation Gaming, will arrive at the 2023 edition with new faces. The team's campaign in the last Major was encouraging as they reached the finals. Spacestation Gaming failed to beat FaZe Clan, but there were positive signs for future events.

Like Dplus KIA, Wolves Esports were unable to get past the swiss stage in the two 2023 Majors. In the 2023 edition, the team came closest to the winner of the competition.

Representing Oceania, Team Bliss is less favored to advance to the next stage in the competition.

Group C

  • w7m esports
  • Virtus.pro
  • Team Liquid
  • M80
  • BLEED Esports
Team w7m esports winning the first Major in 2023 (Image via Ubisoft/João Ferreira)
Team w7m esports winning the first Major in 2023 (Image via Ubisoft/João Ferreira)

Group C of the Six Invitational will be the scary group in the competition. On one hand, w7m esports is the winner of both 2023 Majors. On the other hand, Virtus.pro is the winner of both stages of the Europe League while having players with a very positive history in international events.

Still, Team Liquid is the finalist of the Copenhagen Major and an organization that's used to big stages. Next, M80 continues to have a very strong lineup in theory.

However, BLEED Esports should not be forgotten. The team reached the swiss stage of the last Major and almost missed out on the finals.

Group D

  • Soniqs
  • Scarz
  • LOS
  • Fury
  • Team Falcons

Group D of the Six Invitational will likely favor LOS and Soniqs. The Brazilians were finalists in the last Major and Soniqs won the last stage of the North America League.

Although the last Major was below expectations, Scarz surprised viewers in the first Major by reaching the finals.

FURY will try to surprise viewers while Team Falcons will need to demonstrate that their good Gamers8 performance was not a one-time occurrence.

How to watch the Six Invitational

The Six Invitational will be broadcast on the Rainbow Six Siege Twitch channel. The competition will also have simultaneous matches that will be shown on other channels. These will be in addition to the regional broadcasts.

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