Woken up looking a bit different?

Pokémon GO have rolled out a big update that has seen trainers avatar's changed. This huge avatar change comes as part of the wider Rediscover GO updates that are rolling out in stages over the next couple of weeks.

Some regions had already seen their Pokémon GO avatar changed, but this update has now been rolled out worldwide.

Has your Pokémon GO avatar changed suddenly?

Some trainers have been a bit confused by the sudden Pokémon GO avatar change. Pokémon GO avatars have remained consistent since the game released in 2016. Understandably, trainers have gotten used to their appearance and were a bit attached to their specific appearance.

However, these new avatar changes are designed to allow players to express themselves in Pokémon GO in all new ways. There are a whole host of changes to avatar customization with several more options available to trainers.

  • Adjust your avatar's body weights, eye colors, and skin tones; choose from new facial expressions and hairstyles for personalization.
  • Filter hairstyles by short, medium, and long options to discover the perfect look for your avatar.
  • Customize your avatar’s body in a new section with choices for weight, muscle, shoulders, chest, and hips.
  • Explore advanced color options for your avatar's skin tone, hair, and eyes.
Image: Niantic
Image: Niantic

How to change gender in Pokémon GO

One quirk of the new Pokémon GO avatar changes is that you can no longer change your gender in the game. The option to change gender has been totally removed from the avatar settings, regardless of your personal preferences.

This has caused some trainers to express frustration. The faces available as part of the new update sometimes feel rather strange. They all lack male or female features. Frankly, all options look a bit alien.

Additionally, facial hair (except a Santa Beard) has been completely overlooked. There is still no options to add facial hair after these Pokémon GO avatar changes.

Trainers blast update on social media

The result is trainers swarming onto X and Reddit to complain about how ugly their avatar is after it had changed when the update released. A Reddit thread discussing the changes was brutal, with the top comment reading:

"My avatar is looking so pale he looks anemic."

That particular contribution has over 700 upvotes. Other scathing contributions suggest all avatars now look like potato's. Perhaps Niantic should have baked this update for just a little bit longer.

However, several trainers are now keen to buy cosmetic items from the shop that will hide that their Pokémon GO avatar has changed. Maybe this is a master plan from Niantic, with cosmetic items costing Pokécoins...

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