It’s time to rediscover Pokémon GO.

Niantic have revealed more details behind the Rediscover Pokémon GO update. There had been much speculation about what was coming to the game, following a mysterious trailer last week.

The Rediscover Pokémon GO update will introduce biomes, as well as bring some major updates to Pokémon GO Snapshot, as well as avatars.

Some regions have had selected aspects of these updates rolled out early. So, if something here is a feature you already have, that is why.

All features in the Rediscover Pokémon GO Update:

There are four aspects to the new Pokémon GO update, releasing separatley.

  • Rediscover Yourself (April 17)
  • Rediscover Your World (April 22)
  • Rediscover Kanto (April 22)
  • Rediscover Your Reality (May 7)

These updates will release over the next few weeks. More details are being revealed soon, with only a few bits of information made public by Niantic at the moment.

New Biomes coming to Pokémon GO

The most exciting aspect of the Rediscover Pokémon GO update is "Rediscover Kanto." This will be the much awaited Biomes update, with certain Pokémon spawning based on the location that you're in. This will produce much more varied spawns for players in their local area.

Image: Niantic
Image: Niantic

Currently, spawns are simply organised into four categories. Cities, Forests, Mountains and Beaches & Water. The addition of Biomes into Pokémon GO will allow for players to more specifically hunt Pokémon in Pokémon GO based on what Biome they are in.

To debut this, Pokémon from the Kanto region will be spawning from April 22. This coincides with "Rediscover Your World" which will be a major update to the map. You'll get improved visuals, which not only will look nice, but will show you what Biome you're in.

In addition, Trainers will see backgrounds when they are catching Pokémon which will also show you what Biome you're in.

We don't yet have details on how many Biomes there are, or what Kanto Pokémon will spawn in each. Stay tuned for more information on the Rediscover Pokémon GO update as we get it.

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