Mega Rayquaza is back!

The next season of Pokémon GO will be called 'Shared Skies'. It will release on June 1, at 10am local time wherever you are in the world.

Niantic are starting to release their first teasers and small bits of information for Shared Skies.


Ultra Beasts will feature once more

This should come as no surprise, but Shared Skies will see Ultra Beasts continue to feature. All four (three in person, one global) Pokémon GO Fest events will take place during the Shared Skies Pokémon GO Season.

Ultra Beasts are a key aspect of GO Fest 2024. We are getting the debut of Necrozma, several Ultra Beast shiny debuts and we're even getting the addition of Fusion to Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Shared Skies will see the return of Mega Rayquaza

It also looks like we are going to get the first return of Mega Rayquaza since it was introduced. The initial season trailer features the very powerful Mega Pokémon.

We have had the return of Primal Kyogre and Groudon, so this makes sense. We're likely to see the same sort of return. Expect a Mega Raid Day, likely the one scheduled for June 29 to feature Mega Rayquaza.

This will be a great return for Trainers who don't have a Mega Rayquaza (or would like more!). Mega Ray' is by far the most powerful Pokémon in the entirety of GO at the moment, so this immediately makes Shared Skies an exciting season.

A Shadow Raid Weekend is coming during Shared Skies

We also know that we are getting a Shadow Raid Weekend in Pokémon GO Shared Skies. We don't yet know what Pokémon that will be, but keep August 10 and 11 free in your calendars.

Could this be the debut of a new Shadow Pokémon, or the return of something like a Shadow Latias and Latios? Shared Skies puts an emphasis on Flying-type Pokémon and those two Pokémon do fly! Another potential Shadow Raid is Apex Ho-oh and Apex Lugia. Again, Pokémon that fly.

Stay tuned to as more Pokémon GO Shared Skies info releases.