A new Pokémon animated series, Pokémon Concierge, is heading to Netflix!

Pokémon animation fans rejoice, as a new adorable animated series is headed to Netflix. Pokémon Concierge was unveiled during the Pokémon Presents livestream on Feb. 27, alongside a host of Pokémon updates and news.

The new Pokémon animated series will be a stop-motion animated series, set at the Pokémon Resort, and will follow the experience of the titular Pokémon Concierge, Haru, along with their Psyduck companion. A brief teaser for the show was shown during the live stream.

Pokémon Concierge is coming soon!

(Image via Netflix)
(Image via Netflix)

Produced by Dwarf Animation Studios, in collaboration with Netflix and the Pokémon Company, the studio has previously worked alongside Disney and netflix to produce original animated programming. These include Monsters at Work, Trash Truck, and La Tribu Monchhichi.

As detailed in the preview, Pokémon Concierge will follow Haru, as they look after the various pokemon staying at the Pokémon resort. It’s thought this will be a simple, light-hearted episodic show, rather than something with a heavy, long-form narrative.

Psyduck in the new series (Image via Netflix)
Psyduck in the new series (Image via Netflix)

The show currently doesn’t have a release date, but is just listed as “coming soon.” In Netflix terms, that could mean anything from a few months to early next year. We expect sooner, rather than later though. Either way, we can’t wait for Pokémon Concierge. It looks like perfect second-screen viewing while you catch Pokémon.

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