What are the worst abilities in Overwatch 2? cover image

What are the worst abilities in Overwatch 2?

Some Overwatch 2 abilities are just pointless.

Overwatch 2 has brought back all of the heroes on the original roster as well as some new faces. As the meta has continued to change, developers have tweaked and updated many abilities in an attempt to keep the game balanced. While Overwatch 2 is a team-based shooter, the addition of abilities has created an entirely new dynamic when it comes to teamwork, strategy, and gameplay. And some abilities are more useful than others.

Overwatch 2 players have started a debate to find out which ability is the least useful and impactful on the ever-growing hero roster. The discussion has grown heated on Reddit, with many gamers adding their two cents to the mix. Here are some of the most-mentioned abilities.

Doomfist — Power Block

Doomfist was underwhelming when he was first transformed into a tank. Then he went through changes that had him become a must-pick until a mid-season update left him a bit more balanced. Now, fans of the game are seeing some iffy abilities in his kit.

Doomfist's Power Block attack allows players to hold down "E" to block incoming projectiles. Blocking 100 or more damage will charge up Doomfist's Rocket Punch ability, essentially resetting it immediately so he can use it again.

While there's nothing inherently horrible about blocking incoming damage, this ability has largely been considered irrelevant. It's just not the most impactful ability and doesn't make a big difference in most situations.

"Dooms Power Block is probably the most lazy and boring way to make doom a tank. It should be removed along with the empowered mechanic and replaced with another physical ability," one fan wrote.

Brigitte — Shield Bash

When Brigitte initially joined the roster, she destroyed the meta and became a must-pick if competitive teams wanted any sort of chance. A blend of tank and healing, Brigitte was seen as oppressive at the time. Since then, she has been nerfed and tweaked a heck of a lot, leaving her almost useless by this point. You'll almost never see Brigitte in battle and many find her entire kit a bit wonky.

Shield Bash is probably one of her least important abilities. It allows her to dash forward when her shield is out, knocking back enemies. When all stuns were removed from Overwatch 2, fans were confused as to what impact the Shield Bash would have. What was the point?

For now, stubborn Brigitte mains use it as a way to close a gap, but it doesn't provide much else. With a shield that gets destroyed almost instantly, rushing into the enemy isn't even a smart move to begin with.

Reinhardt — Fire Strike

Reinhardt's Fire Strike launches a fiery projectile that does a pretty low amount of damage. After being the main tank in Overwatch for so long, Reinhardt has become a bit of a niche choice in Overwatch 2 thanks to his pretty weak kit. Along with his ultimate, Earthshatter, Reinhardt has become one of the least oppressive tanks in the entire game.

Bastion — A-36 Tactical Grenade

Bastion has gone through a lot of changes lately. Instead of being a stationary turret, Bastion now has more mobile abilities and no longer can heal himself. This has forced Bastion mains to play more aggressively. Unfortunately, a lot of fans have found Bastion to be generic, boring, and not as strong as before.

This new Bastion ability has him throw a projectile that bounces off walls and then explodes once it makes contact with an enemy or the ground. It does an okay amount of damage but many players are finding it a bit useless.

Mei — Endothermic Blaster (Beam)

Mei's weapon has two modes. She can either hold down the left mouse button to send a chilly beam at nearby enemies or click the right mouse button to shoot icicle projectiles from a distance. This used to be quite a pain for players to deal with, causing Mei to be seen as the "devil" for her multiple freeze-focused moves.

But Mei has been nerfed into the ground in Overwatch 2. This includes her Endothermic Blaster. Now when Mei covers enemies in snow, they don't freeze. They move a little slower, but this has essentially taken away Mei's gimmick. She is a lot less effective without the ability to freeze opponents in place and most people avoid the left click altogether.

Sombra — Hack

As the meta and gameplay continues to change in Overwatch 2, developers have tried to help Sombra fit in without being too overwhelming — but it has left her as a very niche pick. Sombra's Hack has seen a lot of changes, most of them nerfs. Hacked enemies now remain ability-less for 1.5 seconds, revealing her in the process.

But even more unfortunate, most popular heroes can get around it quite easily. This includes Ramattra, who can instantly remove the Hack by changing to his other form.

Sombra doesn't make enough of an impact in the current meta to see much use right now, leaving her as one of the mentioned abilities in the ongoing debate.