The newest addition to the tank roster is on his way, so take a look at Ramattra’s abilities in Overwatch 2!

The giant purple cat is out of the bag as Ramattra and his abilities in Overwatch 2 are now official. The video reveal came earlier today, confirming a leak from weeks ago that showcases what the OW2 devs call a "tempo tank." Not sure what that means? Let's take a look at the video and abilities, and break down what is going on with this dual-form dynamo.

Ramattra possesses an abilities kit meant for flexibility, allowing him to change between two distinct forms on a cooldown. His base form, which resembles fellow Omnic Zenyatta is more based on mobility and shielding. Meanwhile, his large, angry Nemesis Form is all about area of denial, slows, and damage resistance. Here's the various abilities and a look at how they work from the official reveal video.

Ramattra basic abilities in Overwatch 2

Ramattra's left and right-click abilities in his basic form.
Ramattra's left and right-click abilities in his basic form.

Ramattra's two abilities while in his normal form in Overwatch 2 provide mobility and protection. The left-click of Void Accelerator fires a pixelated particle stream, damaging enemies touched. According to Josh Noh, Lead Balance Designer, "the nanite particles have a travel speed that requires you to lead your targets, but there’s no damage falloff.”

Similar to fellow tank Sigma, his right-click is a barrier that pops up in a given location. The difference appears to be that this shield is similar to Orisa's old barrier, in that you are not returning and re-placing the shield over and over. Ramattra's barrier also appears quickly, making it ideal for blocking that annoying High Noon from behind.

Ravenous Vortex pulls annoying enemies back to Earth.
Ravenous Vortex pulls annoying enemies back to Earth.

Sure to be a fan favorite among anyone tired of Pharmercy, Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex places a field down on the ground. When expanded, it slows anyone within the field and pulls aerial opponents back down to the surface. This instantly makes Ramattra the prime counterpick against the likes of Echo, Wrecking Ball, Mercy, Pharah, and anyone else dumb enough to fly like a leaf on the wind.

Nemesis Form and you

Ramattra's abilities in Nemesis Form in Overwatch 2.
Ramattra's abilities in Nemesis Form in Overwatch 2.

You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Rammattra's biggest gimmick involves his ability to swap forms, turning massive, powerful, and unstoppable. In this form, his left click becomes a series of punches that throws out a short-form projectile. Meanwhile, his right-click becomes similar to Doomfist's Power Block--but not terrible--significantly reducing damage and his own movement speed, making him a literal tank.

And if you're wondering just how much damage it blocks, consider the gif above where Ramattra blocks an entire Barrage from Pharah before casually punching her from the sky. As an added bonus: The block has zero cooldown. According to Noh, “You can use it whenever you want by weaving it in and out between your attacks. The tradeoff is you can’t punch while using it, and it slows you down.”

The ultimate Annihilation

Ramattra's 'Annihilation' ultimate does AOE damage while reducing damage.
Ramattra's 'Annihilation' ultimate does AOE damage while reducing damage.

While not the sexiest of ultimates, Ramattra's Annihilation ability is powerful and crippling. Doing AOE damage to all enemies not behind a shield while also reducing the damage those Heroes do, Rammatra's a threat with a full meter. Expect this to combo well with Mei's Blizzard or any situation where opponents become trapped.

Season 2 hype begins

Ramattra and his rad abilities kit will come to Overwatch 2 on December 6, the first day of season 2. This also means a new battle pass. Prepare thine self to either shell out the ten bucks or get to grinding if you want to own the skies while doing your best Mark McGuire impersonation.

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