The solar-powered Overwatch 2 support Illari gets official reveal cover image

The solar-powered Overwatch 2 support Illari gets official reveal

The new Overwatch support Illari got her first official reveal from Blizzard in today’s Season 6 launch trailer. Let’s take a (brief) look.

In addition to a full look at what's to come with the Overwatch Invasion patch on Thursday, we also got our first look at the next new Hero. While details remain scarce on her abilities and favorite animal might be, we do know that the sun warrior Illari is the next Overwatch Support Hero.

In between all of the robits and Mercy nerfs and John Cena of it all gives us this new Support on the scene. I mean, that's a mighty big gun she's got there. Reddit Lucio and Moira players must be salivating at all the healing they can not do with Illari.

Anyways, let's look at the full trailer and pick apart what we do know.

New Overwatch support Illari coming Thursday

If you didn't think that Illari was an Overwatch support based on her short appearance in the Invasion launch trailer then you wouldn't be alone. A massive, flying explosion of a projectile and a move that appears to let her shove opponents away while moving in the air all seem like DPS things.

And yet, she supposedly will also heal. You don't really see much--or any--of that in the trailer. However, when you're powered by the sun I suppose you've got to heal someway, somehow.

Especially if Superman is around.

We also get a good look at some of the goodies coming in the Season 6 battle pass, but no further looks for Illari. If you're wanting to know more (and of course you do) then you'll just have to wait until Thursday at 3 p.m. EST like the rest of us. In addition to a new PVP mode, story missions, and new events, the new Overwatch support Illari will be added to the game.

Will what looks like a DPS-focused support shift the game's meta? Only time will tell, so join us back here on August 10 when we break down her abilities and give you some tips and tricks along the way.

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