The Overwatch: Invasion Story Missions mode is gonna cost you, but it’s actually a pretty sweet deal.

Nothing in life is free, and that includes Overwatch Story Missions. Revealed in a blog post today by Blizzard, the Overwatch: Invasion Story Missions for its Zero Hour arc will have a cost associated with accessing the new content. However, before everyone starts losing their minds like when battle passes were revealed: The cost is a pretty good value.

Even more so if you're a new player looking to answer the call.

How much will Overwatch Story Missions cost?

The Overwatch: Invasion story missions pack will cost $15 USD upon release on Aug. 10. However, that price is a bit of a misnomer given the contents. The pack includes:

  • Permanent access to the Overwatch 2: Invasion Story Missions
  • 1,000 Overwatch Coins (equal to the Premium Battle Pass, $10 USD value)
  • A brand-new Sojourn Legendary skin ($19 USD value)
  • Permanent access to Sojourn as a playable hero for new players: unlocked upon completing Story Mission challenges.

Yes, you read that correctly: For 15 bucks you get the story missions and enough coins to buy the at-that-point new Season 6 battle pass. For a majority of players, that's five bucks extra to get a thing you were already buying, plus a Sojourn skin, plus whatever ends up being unlockable via Story Missions.

Here's the Blizzard synopsis of the Zero Hour arc:

In Overwatch 2: Invasion, you and your friends can take on three action-packed missions that take place in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and Gothenburg—massive maps with complex objectives, and an in-depth storyline that will guide you along the way. You’ll fight against the intensified forces of Null Sector, who will continue to attack until you’ve completely dismantled them.

Premium mode, activated

Blizzard also has a premium Overwatch Story Missions pack for all you nasty, dirty whales out there. For $40 USD you'll get the Ultimate Invasion bundle. This includes:

  • The Null Sector Premium Battle Pass with 20 Battle Pass skips ($30 USD value)
  • An additional 1,000 Overwatch Coins, for a total of 2,000 Overwatch Coins ($20 USD value)
  • Two additional Legendary skins for Cassidy and Kiriko ($38 USD value).

There's some interesting verbiage in this list. Is the Null Sector Premium Battle Pass just the Season 6 battle pass or something else? Will Story Missions have its own reward track? All of these questions and more will be answered as we inch closer to August 10.

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