The Overwatch 2 Season 2 battle pass is here and with it comes gods, newsies, and an old man who wishes to be a teen with attitude!

Welcome to the Overwatch 2 Season 2 battle pass launch day! We've already taken a look at the new tempo tank Ramattra and his ability to dominate the map, so now let's look at the goodies available. This time around there are multiple themes and characters getting the battle pass treatment. This includes Tracer getting her inner newsie on, a blessing from upon Olympus, and Soldier 76 proving he must be a big Kamen Rider fan.

Let's waste no time and look at the best of the goods in the Overwatch 2 Season 2 battle pass!

Extra! Extra! I'd like some pudding!

<em> Yes, more Tracer skins.</em>
Yes, more Tracer skins.

If there are two Heroes who feel like they already have enough skins it's Mercy and Tracer. But, hey: When you're the mascot of the game it means you get the good stuff. Luckily, this newsboy set of items for Tracer is more than enough to get you singing The World Will Know before you know it.

Overwatch 2 battle pass goes to the gods

"All I wanna do, is customize for you, a giant woman...a giiiiiiiant woooooman!" This season's big theme is Greek myth and the gods of Olympus, with the battle pass giving us some choice skins and items. By now you've seen the Zeus mythic skin for Junker Queen with eagle and medusa customization options. However, two of the true frontrunners for best skin ever made by the Overwatch team is the Hades Pharah and Poseidon Ramattra skins. Both ooze personality and color while standing out among the crowd.

Go! Go! Soldier Ranger!

Despite his cranky, Boomer demeanor, this new skin set for Soldier 76 must mean he enjoys old Japanese children's shows in his spare time. The tier-0 skin for this battle pass puts Soldier in a very Power Rangers-esque superhero suit, complete with comically large belt buckle. Honestly, it's hard to not like the skin and the dedication to the aesthetic. Now if he could only use that dive kick in-game; he'd fit right in with Project L.

Go grind some Season 2 battle pass

There's more to discover in the battle pass but the only way to see for yourself is to get out there and play! Until then, keep an eye on for all things Overwatch 2 as the season progresses.

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