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SoOn retires from Overwatch; moves to VALORANT cover image

SoOn retires from Overwatch; moves to VALORANT


Overwatch’s loss is VALORANT’s gain. SoOn will compete professionally in VALORANT after retiring from OWL.

Terence “SoOn” Tarlier is retiring from Overwatch, the player announced today. He will make a shift to Riot Games' VALORANT where he hopes to start a new career.

So0n retiring from Overwatch

"From my first title win during the Overwatch Open in 2016 to the rise of Rogue, from the OWL to the OWWC, today is the end of my 5 years of competitive Overwatch.
I had the chance to evolve and play alongside amazing people, to meet great people from all over the world, and above all, to be supported by an incredible community. Thank you to all these people without whom I would never be where I am today.
The journey has not always been easy. I've had to make a lot of sacrifices, and not all days were happy, but I will remember the positive things. I’m proud of what I achieved. I think that I can say, without any arrogance, that I had a great career in Overwatch. I would have liked for it to continue, but destiny decided to let me seize other opportunities." said the player.
SoOn rose to prominence during his time on Misfts. The team won several events during the pre-League days such as the Overwatch Open and DreamHack Winter 2016. He then joined Team Rogue, a team that did not have a first-place finish in just two tournaments in 2017. 
When the Overwatch League Season 1 kicked off, SoOn joined Los Angeles Valiant. His legendary plays on the Tracer were a big reason for the Valiant’s performance in Season 1. SoOn joined Paris Eternal for Season 2, but the team struggled to make it far in the playoffs despite having a strong regular season Boston Uprising announced SoOn for the 2021 season but had to release him from the roster due to the player’s ongoing visa issues. At the time, SoOn had revealed his inclination to shift to VALORANT if the Overwatch League does not work out for 2021. And now he has announced his retirement from Overwatch.

A move to VALORANT for the hitscan player

Soon will move to Riot Games’ VALORANT where he wants to start a new career. The 27-year-old player compares this move to when he left Shootmania to play Overwatch all the way back in 2016. Over the years, the player found lots of success on various teams. But his initial days where he popped off on heroes like McCree, Tracer and Widowmaker are still memorable Overwatch highlights to this day.

Like I said before, I still want to compete. I’ve thus decided to go into Valorant in order to, I hope, start a new career. In the same way that I left ShootMania for Overwatch, I don’t know what I’m getting into nor what the future holds, but it is what I want. And I want to have no regrets.

See you very soon on stream for those who will keep following me, and for the others, maybe we will meet again.

Despite signing with the Boston Uprising for this season, the player had to part ways with the organization due to visa issues. With age catching up and no OWL play for the rest of the year, his decision to move to VALORANT seems to be practical. For now, Overwatch fans will miss their beloved hitscan player

I want to compete, and I feel totally capable of it. But I don't know if I would be able to wait until next year without any prospect of the future. Let's be honest, I'm 27 years old, and the chances to get back into OWL next year are pretty slim. Seniority and experience are not necessarily the most recognized characteristics in the OWL business model.

The Overwatch League kicks off on Friday. Stay tuned to for the latest Overwatch news and updates. 
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