Blizzard reveals Sojourn Origin story for Overwatch 2 cover image

Blizzard reveals Sojourn Origin story for Overwatch 2

Sojourn, new Canadian hero with Overwatch past coming to beta on April 26.

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the story behind the new hero, Sojourn coming to Overwatch 2. The hero who has been a lore figure since Overwatch's early days was first introduced to fans during the 2021 BlizzConline as a DPS character equipped with a rail gun and energy rifle having 40 rounds per clip.

While her full kit is still unknown, the teaser shows a glimpse of her story and how she joined Overwatch.

Sojourn's origin story

Sojourn, formally known as Vivian Chase is a commander of the Canadian special forces. Her unit teamed up with the Overwatch crew during the Omnic crisis, where she spent time working with Jack Morrison, Soldier 76. Sojourn also states that Jack reached out to join Overwatch.

Soujourn worked alongside Jack Morrison aka Soldier76
Soujourn worked alongside Jack Morrison aka Soldier76

From the teaser shown, Sojourn described herself as a soldier who quickly adapts to situations and is flexible during battle. She carried out operational tasks, led missions and ensured the safety of other agents.

"Sometimes I ran point for our agents in the field, other times I commanded the operation. No matter what their mission was, mine was to bring every one of them home.


While she enjoyed her time in Overwatch, Sojourn left even before it ended and set her sights on a new journey. The teaser does not reveal what she's been up to or where she's been since then. However, fans will likely get to know more about Sojourn in the Overwatch 2 story mode.

Sojourn will become the newest hero available for players in the Overwatch 2 PvP beta set to begin on April 26. Every player can get a chance to try the beta but they must sign up for it.

Players who sign up to opt-in for the beta stand the chance of receiving invitations for the series of closed beta tests. Moreover, the first closed beta will only be available on PC to persons with copies of the first Overwatch.

Additionally, players will also get to try reworked heroes like Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion and Sombria in the upcoming beta.

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