You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on Overwatch 2 if you’ve managed to get a beta key.

Overwatch 2 has been teased and touted for months and months, but today we finally got some solid information as the release date for the beta was finally announced. In a developer livestream that sadly lacked much else in the way of information, the development team delivered the good news.

The Overwatch 2 Beta officially starts on April 26th. With the beta page launching a week ago, fans eagerly flocked to sign up to the beta. And now, if you’ve battled through the beta site crashing, and other issues, you finally have a date you’ll be able to play the game. April 26th will be the first of several closed betas.

How to sign up for the Overwatch 2 Beta

The <a href="">Overwatch 2 beta release</a> date was revealed on a recent livestream (Image via Blizzard)
The Overwatch 2 beta release date was revealed on a recent livestream (Image via Blizzard)

If you’re looking forward to the late April release, make sure you’re signed up for the beta. To do so head over to the official site and simply click opt-in now. You’ll need to sign up using your account so dust off your login details.

The first beta will only be for PC players (sorry console Overwatch fans), and you’ll need to own Overwatch 1 on your account to play the beta (sorry new players). If you’re let into the beta you’ll receive an email confirming it.

The site was also updated today to clarify that those who opt-in will have a chance to join one of multiple closed betas. The first closed beta is the one on April 26th. It also stated that fans will have a chance to try out the “massive amount of incoming content prior to launch.”

That content includes so far 5v5 competitive play, the new hero Sojourn, four new naps, a new mode, four hero reworks, and the new ping system.

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