An Overwatch Season 7 leak looks to be confirmed as Blizzard gives a look at the new Samoa map, with a full reveal coming this Sunday.

It's almost impossible to keep a secret in the world of Overwatch, it seems. Officially revealed today on social media by Blizzard was the first look of a new Control map coming to Season 7. The Overwatch Samoa map features palm trees, clear waters, and a number of Moana jokes to come. A full look at the map will occur this weekend at Overwatch League Grand Finals on Oct. 1. However, the Season 7 leak curse couldn't be avoided forever.

The reveal won't come as a shock to those who are terminally online. A leak late last week revealed a look at the map, as well as a peek at the Season 7 Mythic skin for Hanzo and a Diablo-themed skin for Moira.

Let's look at all of the news.

Overwatch Samoa map reveal this weekend

While we literally know nothing about the new Control Overwatch Samoa map, the revealed image gives us some ideas. First, it's an open-air strip of land surrounded by water and docks. Attention all you filthy Lucio mains: You have another potential boop spot. Likewise, the resort-like aesthetic features numerous buildings and enclaves along the main path. One of the things the Overwatch 2 team has gotten better at with the sequel's maps is natural terrain and cover.

And while that's all we know about Samoa, there are other Season 7 surprises we might be able to confirm as real after a leak last week.

Overwatch Season 7 leak

Over the weekend a Twitch streamer by the name of Bogur appeared to log into the wrong Overwatch 2 server while on-camera. Revealed was the new season banner that typically pops up, which included a number of reveals. In addition to the Overwatch Samoa map (called Tupua) was the Mythic skin found in the Season 7 leak, called Onryo Hanzo. it appears the entire season has a ghosts and goblins vibe.

It also appears a Diablo 4 collaboration will bring Moira a skin based on the game's baddie, Lilith. While none of this is confirmed, it does appear to be legit. That said, your mileage may vary.

keep an eye all this week as the end of Season 6 approaches and spooky season settles in.

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