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Pokimane mocks Overwatch 2 teammate who tries to insult her cover image

Pokimane mocks Overwatch 2 teammate who tries to insult her


Pokimane has been grinding Overwatch 2 and has run into her fair share of trolls. Luckily, she’s ready with some insults of her own.

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is on the Overwatch 2 grind, but not all of her teammates are making the climb pleasant.
In the past, Pokimane has admitted to avoiding voice chat in VALORANT due to sexism once teammates hear her voice. But communication is important in FPS games like Overwatch 2, so she's gone on to subject herself to toxicity in order to climb the ranked ladder.
Pokimane was most recently called out by a Mercy player after a pretty tense match. While watching the Play of the Game, the teammate's voice could be heard saying: "Just for future reference, never ask for a pocket again. You're f—ing ass."
After taking in what the player said, Pokimane started to giggle uncontrollably. She then mocked the player's voice.
"Also the fact that you're like, 'for future reference.' B—, is this a team meeting? Are you my supervisor? Two, the voice could not have matched it more," Pokimane continued.
She then burst into laughter again, mocking the Mercy player's tone.
While the Overwatch 2 interaction was largely comical to Pokimane, facing toxicity in a shooter is an ongoing problem for her and other female streamers.
In a since-deleted tweet from 2021's VALORANT grind, Pokimane said: "I find my biggest issue is I don't like to talk too much in a game. People get weird about me being a girl or being Poki. And that doesn't work with being a Sova main."
This time around, however, Pokimane seems a bit more used to the backlash and isn't letting it drag her down.
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