There’s going to be a lot more streams on YouTube Gaming very soon.

After what seemed like an extended off-season, the Overwatch League is upon us. Starting May 5, with a beta version of Overwatch 2, fans will be able to watch their favorite players in action. What’s more, on select days, anyone can co-stream the Overwatch League matches on YouTube Gaming, the League announced today.

How to co-stream Overwatch League matches?

The Overwatch League 2022 season will have open co-streaming.
The Overwatch League 2022 season will have open co-streaming.

Anyone interested in co-streaming Overwatch League matches has to register themselves by filling in the Overwatch League co-streaming application form.

There are, however, a few terms and conditions which co-streamers have to strictly adhere to.  Firstly, co-streaming is only allowed on YouTube Gaming. Activision Blizzard signed a multi-year exclusive streaming contract with YouTube Gaming in 2020, a contract that covers Overwatch, Call of Duty and Hearthstone esports.

  • All co-streamers must be of legal adult age in their country of residence.
  • The Co-streaming takes place on YouTube. 
  • Overwatch League sponsors or sponsored segments may not be altered, covered, or cut away from.
  • Co-streamers may not run ads during the broadcast
  • Co-streamers may have stream sponsors as long as they do not conflict with Overwatch League sponsors

In addition the League also reserves the right to get access to viewership data upon request. Co-streamers will have to follow all guidelines including maintaining a positive environment and moderated chat.

When does Overwatch League start?

Overwatch League 2022 kicks off on May 5 with three matches on the opening day. All three matches are available to co-stream. 

  • New York Excelsior vs. Los Angeles Gladiators
  • San Francisco Shock vs. Paris Eternal
  • Florida Mayhem vs. Atlanta Reign

The deadline for applying for co-streaming of the Overwatch League opening weekend is Wednesday, April 27, at 11 p.m. PT.

This year, the Overwatch League will be played on Overwatch 2. With new game modes and changes to heroes, their visuals and much more, fans can get a glimpse at a complete Overwatch 2 match this season. 

Teams have been finalizing their complete rosters for this season, as we head into 5v5 Overwatch matches instead of the previous 6v6.

Overwatch fans can watch the official OWL broadcast on YouTube.

Stay tuned to for the latest Overwatch news and updates.

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