Kiriko’s theme song is one of the many that greet you when you launch the game. And trust us, it makes you want to groove.

Overwatch 2 is one of the most anticipated games out there and espite the various problems with its launch, the game itself has been well-received. Yes, there is the occasional critic and many former OW1 players have to adjust to the new game, including the infamous move to 5v5. The game introduces several new features including two new heroes - Junker Queen and Kiriko. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of Overwatch 2’s launch, when you start the game you are greeted with Kiriko’s home theme with a fantastic song.

The Kiriko song is not an OST made specifically for the newest hero in Overwatch. The banger song doesn’t always come on in the Overwatch home page. In fact, the home page rotates between different themes and Kiriko’s song is just one of them. We have also seen Genji come on the Homepage with his newest cosmetic. But Kiriko’s theme is definitely one that you will notice. 

What is the Kiriko song in Overwatch?


The Kiriko theme song in Overwatch is actually called BOW by Japanese rapper MFS. You can find the song on YouTube as well as Spotify

Kiriko is a Japanese healing Ninja who can throw protection Suzu at allies. The cheerful natured hero and her kindred Fox spirit should not fool you as she is a very lethal warrior. The song’s theme matches the hero’s lore and is definitely quite different from most of the other heroes in the game. 

Overwatch launched on October 4, albeit with several problems including server issues and DDOS problems. However, the devs have been working to smoothen the launch and so far the reception has not been bad.