Space Ranger has arrived in Dorado with a secret message.

Space Ranger, the next Overwatch 2 hero to be released, has had several teasers over the past month and has now arrived in Dorado, of all places. Well, sort of. With the July 9 patch, fans have spotted the new hero's ship in the Dorado attacker's spawn and, thanks to some quick decoding, have figured out a mysterious Morse code message that is being emitted from the ship.

Overwatch 2 Space Ranger Dorado teaser: Morse code, Mei connection, and potential real name

Fans on social media were quick to spot the new Space Ranger teaser in Dorado, which looks to be a ship that has parachuted down in the attacker's spawn area. While the ship is empty of any passengers, there are some clues left behind that give us more of a glimpse into who Space Ranger really is, including a photograph of the teased hero and Mei.

Photograph of Mei and Space Ranger left in the ship on Dorado (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Photograph of Mei and Space Ranger left in the ship on Dorado (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

The other big mystery that fans have been quick to solve is a series of beeps that have now been revealed to be Morse code. According to @Coathar44 on X, the Morse code message translates to the following:




After seeing this, the community quickly figured out that "J" may refer to an old friend of Mei's from her time in graduate school, Jiayi. This may very well be the real name of Space Ranger, however, nothing has been confirmed by developers thus far. But, for now, it remains a strong possibility, given the clues.

This change went live on July 9 alongside some major tank updates in the patch and the new Transformers bundle. All of these updates are live now and available for players to test out on their own.

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