There will also be some upcoming tank changes.

Overwatch 2 fans have been getting more and more excited about the news emerging about the game's next hero, Space Ranger. Up until today, all we really had to go off of was some concept art and hidden gems around some Overwatch maps, but we now have some exciting news about what to expect thanks to Overwatch 2 lead gameplay designer Alec Dawson.

Space Ranger may feel a bit like another iconic Overwatch 2 hero (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Space Ranger may feel a bit like another iconic Overwatch 2 hero (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch 2 Space Ranger will be a mobile Support hero

In a recent interview with Jacob "Spilo" Clifton, Dawson confirmed some exciting news about Space Ranger, the game's next hero. Dawson stated that Space Ranger will be a "high mobility, versatile support is very much what her playstyle will be about, and brings some utility that is in the Support cast that only one character has at the moment... It's going to be a lot of fun, the game is going to be really fast."

From that sentiment, it sounds like Space Ranger has all the makings of a high-flying Lucio-like hero in Overwatch 2, which sounds like a ton of fun from the outset. However, we will have to wait a bit longer until anything else is confirmed, as it's likely that Space Ranger won't come until Season 12. For now, all we have is this information and the teasers around some maps.

Winston buffs coming soon, according to OW2 lead

In the interview, Dawson also went on to share some teasers about upcoming tank changes. He mentioned that improving Winston's ultimate and long-range right-click is something that they have finalized. He also briefly mentioned that the developers are considering increasing Reinhardt's charge to 300 damage, but that it wasn't a finalized change thus far.

You can catch the entirety of the stream on Spilo's channel, with the sections mentioned above starting at around the 1:27:00 mark. Otherwise, be sure to stay tuned here at for more Overwatch 2 news and updates.