Do you think if you reach Grandmaster you are safe? You can take a break? Not really! Rank decay is a thing.

Overwatch is a 5v5 competitive game and features tanks, supports and damage heroes. A sequel to the original 6v6 game, Overwatch 2 went live on October 4. Here is a detailed guide on Overwatch 2 ranks and progression through the game. 

Just like any competitive game, a player’s skill level is determined by his in-game rank in Overwatch 2. There is an option for Overwatch players to play the game casually in the unranked mode. Unranked includes multiple game modes and is an excellent way for players to experience Overwatch 2 with their friends as long as they are in the same region. However, if you want to play competitive Overwatch, you have to play ranked. Here’s a quick overview of the ranking system in Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 ranks explained

Overwatch 2 has removed skill rating from the game. Skill Rating (SR) was a crucial component of Overwatch 1 and players could see their progression at the end of each match. Instead players can climb from Bronze to Grandmaster. Bronze 5 is the lowest rank in Overwatch while Grandmaster 1 (and later Top 500) are the highest ranks.

  • Bronze
    • Bronze 5
    • Bronze 4
    • Bronze 3
    • Bronze 2
    • Bronze 1
  • Silver
    • Silver 5
    • Silver 4
    • Silver 3
    • Silver 2
    • Silver 1
  • Diamond
    • Diamond 5
    • Diamond 4
    • Diamond 3
    • Diamond 2
    • Diamond 1
  • Master
    • Master 5
    • Master 4
    • Master 3
    • Master 2
    • Master 1
  • Grandmaster
    • Grandmaster 5
    • Grandmaster 4
    • Grandmaster 3
    • Grandmaster 2
    • Grandmaster 1
  • Top 500

Grandmaster is the highest rank in Overwatch 2 and features the best players in the game. The Top 500, as the name suggests, features the best players in the game and quite often, these players are professional players from the region. 

What’s rank decay in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Junkerqueen. Overwatch 2 Heroes rank system explained.

If you reach a rank in Overwatch 2 and take a hiatus from the game, your rank will slowly decay over time. This is to ensure that players do not try to get multiple smurf accounts into the top 500 and then take a break. 

“Players who haven’t played recently are less likely to maintain their actual prior skill output in a match. To help account for this and make matches fairer, players who haven’t played in a while will find their internal matchmaking rating lowered to help us re-evaluate and determine their current skill level. We’ll also adjust their internal matchmaking rating more quickly, up or down, as they play matches after returning. Returning players will therefore quickly get back to their appropriate skill tier and division as they continue to play.”

However, players who return to the game after a short break will also find it easier to get back to their skill level. This ensures that high skill players don’t crowd the lower-skills due to rank decay.

Players can also earn competitive points for their performance in Overwatch 2. This includes points for every win and draw as well as bonus competitive points for completing the season at a particular rank. 

Hopefully, after the initial server issues and DDOS problems that Overwatch faced, players will be able to enjoy the free-to-play game smoothly with their friends. 

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