Here are the overall patch notes for April 30.

The latest Overwatch 2 patch notes just went live. Read on for the full April 30, 2024 Overwatch 2 patch notes, which features nerfs to Orisa and Venture. This new patch also updates passive healing for damage heroes, fixes some bugs, and includes the return of Hanamura!

Overwatch 2 patch notes feature Hanamura's return (Image via
Overwatch 2 patch notes feature Hanamura's return (Image via

Overwatch 2 patch notes April 30

Tank hero Orisa is now nerfed in terms of her Fortify and Javelin Spin abilities. Fortify's duration is now 3.5 seconds instead of 4.5 seconds. It also makes Orisa move 20% slower. Additionally, the cooldown of Javelin Spin is now 9 seconds instead of 7 seconds.

Screenshot of Orisa's kit (Image via
Screenshot of Orisa's kit (Image via

Meanwhile, damage hero Venture's Smart Excavator has reduced maximum explosion damage. It's now 40 instead of 45. Next, Drill Dash's initial impact damage is now 30 instead of 40. Moreover, the cost of the ultimate charge for Tectonic Shock is now 10% more.

Screenshot of Venture's kit (Image via
Screenshot of Venture's kit (Image via

"Damage role passive healing reduction increased from 15% to 20%," Blizzard added.

Overwatch 2 fixes chat bug, streamer mode glitch, and more

In terms of bug fixes, one that caused a bunch of zeros to appear in the game's chat is now fixed. Meanwhile, Venture's Drill Dash bug that sent them flying backwards upon interacting with Orisa's Energy Javelin or Doomfist's Rocket Punch is no more.

Next, when blocking someone with streamer mode enabled, their names will no longer be shown. Other issues such as oversaturated sprays due to lighting and allowing non-leader players to requeue a group are now fixed as well.

Hanamura returns to Overwatch 2

Finally, Hanamura is back! According to Blizzard, there was an issue with the lighting on the map. Hanamura is now available in both Custom Games mode and the Arcade.

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