Overwatch 2 devs hint at upcoming support hero abilities cover image

Overwatch 2 devs hint at upcoming support hero abilities

Lucio mains, listen up.

While Overwatch 2 is fundamentally the same game as Overwatch 1, there have been a lot of big changes to the gameplay thanks to the new 5v5 meta. With only one tank to a team, developers reworked a lot of heroes to create a more aggressive playstyle. But many gamers feel like the support roster has been a bit neglected in the process.

While Overwatch 2 just revealed its next tank hero, Ramattra, the developer team is already looking at how to rework the support heroes to better fit into the new meta.

Lucio may get replaced in Overwatch 2

Lead hero designer, Alec Dawsom, recently spoke with GamerBraves about reworking the support roster to make these heroes a bit more balanced. In Overwatch 2, Lucio is currently a must-have on most maps and in most team compositions because he's the only support that can boost his allies' speed. This speed boost makes all the difference in high level competition.

Dawsom noted that the team needs to be "pretty careful" about adding more heroes with speed-related abilities. This made it seem like there wouldn't be another support hero that boosts his teammates' speed.

"We're gonna keep creating new supports where they're gonna have different utility and different abilities to make them fit into your compositions a bit differently than everyone else," Dawsom explained.

For now, it's unclear what the upcoming support heroes' kits would have that would help them fit in with this Lucio-heavy meta. But it does seem like there are some support heroes in the works that Dawsom had in mind while discussing the topic. Some news outlets also felt the next support hero may be male, since Dawsom used "he" while explaining the future support.

It's going to be a while until the next hero is released after Ramattra. After the omnic tank, there won't be another hero until Season 4. This gives Lucio a lot more time at the top of the support tier list.