Everyone loves some free Overwatch 2 drops.

Overwatch's Collegiate Championship series is reaching its apex, with playoffs starting up just around the corner. To celebrate the occasion and help bring some attention to some of the game's most talented players, Overwatch 2 will offer drops for those who tune in. Here's more on what the drops will offer and how to earn them.

What's included in the Overwatch 2 Collegiate Championship drops?

Players can earn five different rewards for tuning into the Overwatch 2 Collegiate Championship, including a name card, two player icons, and two sprays. These all follow the pink and blue color palette that the Overwatch 2 collegiate scene has coined, including an already-fan-favorite Pachillari Mascot Spray, which features Illari with some sweet Pachimari headgear.

These rewards can be earned from May 10 to 12 and 17 to 19 by tuning into the proper streaming channels. More on this below.

How to earn Overwatch 2 Collegiate drops

To earn the Overwatch 2 drops from the Collegiate Championship, you will need to tune into the official Overwatch Esports Twitch or YouTube channel. The more you watch, the more rewards you will earn, spanning from two to 13 hours. Details on the reward tiers are below.

But, before you hop in chat, make sure you have linked your Battle.net account with your Twitch and/or YouTube to ensure you can earn rewards. To do so, you will need to log in to your Twitch account and navigate to the Battle.net connections page. From here, make sure you are logged in to your Battle.net account and follow the instructions.

For linking YouTube, you will use the same page and connect your Battle.net account to Google. It's as simple as that!

We'll continue to keep you posted here at esports.gg with any new opportunities to earn free Overwatch 2 drops from viewership incentives, as well as breaking news and guides. Stay tuned!

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