Moira is getting some much-needed changes in Overwatch 2 cover image

Moira is getting some much-needed changes in Overwatch 2

Moira may be getting a buff down the line, helping make her more powerful and maybe more focused on healing.

A recent update from the Overwatch 2 team included important nerfs for oppressive heroes like Sombra and Zarya. But support players still felt ignored by developers, a sentiment they have expressed since Overwatch 2's alpha. Now, developers have shared some future plans that may help give a boost to the support roster.

Moira has been one of the most consistently selected support heroes thanks to her powerful healing capabilities and aggressive playstyle. But she has still felt a bit squishy in the new one-tank meta despite some previous changes. Now, developers have announced some plans for the villainous scientist.

Moira getting buffed in Overwatch 2

Lead hero designer Alec Dawson recently announced a Q&A over on Blizzard's forums, which had many players wondering about the state of support heroes. Dawson has already answered some of these inquiries.

Dawson said that the team is trying to be careful with Moira's upcoming changes, ensuring they "get it right." Her playstyle is quite unique and developers don't want to "break her flow and approachability." There are some ideas floating around, he added, but it may not be any time soon.

Overwatch 2 players were quite excited at the prospect of a support hero getting buffed. A lot of people added their own input, saying that Moira needs to be more focused on healing, possibly offering some type of incentive to heal instead of damage.

Moira is not only popular for her healing capabilities but her damage-dealing. A lot of DPS players enjoy racking up the kills as Moira thanks to her fun, bouncy orb. But this has left many Overwatch 2 players frustrated since healing is so necessary in the new, aggressive meta.