Mercy and Moira will get substantial changes before the start of Overwatch League Summer Showdown

After considerable feedback from the community, the Overwatch developers have decided to revert the changes to Moira’s Necrotic orb. They have also announced significant changes to mercy’s Guardian Angel. 

The changes come after considerable nearly a week after teh conclusion of the Overwatch 2 Beta.  

What are the changes to Moira?

Moira's Necrotic orb ability will be reverted as per the latest Overwatch dev blog.
Moira’s Necrotic Orb ability had made her gameplay feel more passive say Overwatch devs.

Blizzard has decided to revert the changes to Moira and mainly, teh changes to her Necrotic Orb ability. They also revealed the reason for the change which was mainly because of a considerable change in the Moria playstyle. 

The main reason for its removal is that the overall gameplay loop became too passive for many players. The power that Necrotic Orb brought to the table necessitated a long cooldown to make the effect impactful but not overly frustrating to play against. However, this meant many players would just hold the ability for the perfect moment, which had the side effect of decreasing the amount of “cool stuff happening” in moment-to-moment gameplay and shifting too much of it into healing. 

Overwatch devs

The changes will take effect before the start of Overwatch League which kicks off on August 11.

What are Mercy’s Guardian Angel changes?

Mercy’s Super Jump changed the way the support hero was played.

What is Mercy’s Super Jump?

Overwatch will bring changes to Mercy’s Super Jump

You could point Mercy in any direction, including vertically upwards, and launch the hero in that direction just by pressing the Jump button. Her launch speed would be determined by the meter charge and she could also reverse direction using this new feature. 

However, in the lasted blogpost the developers have revealed there was a bug involving her Super Jump. However, the bug became extremely popular and was regularly seen in high-level gameplay. After taking into account player feedback, the devs are now working on another iteration of the ability. This new iteration would allow players to control the direction of the Super Jump adding an additional layer of skill to the hero. 

We’re currently testing another iteration of Guardian Angel that includes the directional control we added in the beta, but it also allows Mercy to super jump in a similar way as before. This means canceling the ability with crouch will launch her straight upwards, without having to look in that direction. 

Overwatch devs

The Overwatch League Summer showdown kicks off on August 11 with a match between London Spitfire and Florida Mayhem. The Summer Showdown tournament kicks off in the first week of September.

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