The most recent changes to Mercy are a nerf, according to Mercy mains. Now, the Overwatch 2 community has accused devs of not listening.

Mercy mains are having a rough time in Overwatch 2. While some cute skins have been released for the popular heroes, the scientist has been having trouble fitting into the meta. And now some recent changes have Mercy mains even more concerned. Here's how players feel about the recent Mercy nerfs.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 brought a huge patch that attempted to balance the hero roster. One of the impacted heroes included Mercy. She received an entirely new passive that heals her for 25% of healing done to her allies with her Caduceus staff. Her healing increases by 50% when she heals low-health allies.

This sounds pretty great, but developers tried to balance this by nerfing the cooldown of her Guardian Angel ability and normal healing per second. This didn't sit right with Mercy mains, who took to Reddit to complain about the updates.

But lead balance designer Josh Noh stated that no further changes are planned for Mercy.

"We feel it would be good to let this one settle and see how players adjust to the changes since it can take some time, and then evaluate if more adjustments are necessary,” Noh said in a recent Reddit AMA.

Noh added that players have responded positively to the changes, with some gamers stating that they can counter Mercy a lot more "fairly" now. Before, Mercy had too much mobility options to take her down easily, but now she will want to save low health allies more consistently, ensuring she doesn't hide in the back.

Well, that's what developers felt the community felt... But Overwatch 2 players didn't agree.

Mercy mains speak up about recent nerfs

Overwatch 2 content creator Skiesti responded to Noh's comments on Twitter, accusing developers of not listening to Mercy players when making changes to the hero. Many other Mercy mains agreed.

Said another Mercy fan of the nerfs: "The devs are blindfolded and are completely ignoring the Mercy playerbase. Keep stirring up the hornet's nest, every day more people are leaving the game because of its horrible balanced."

Another player added: "It seems they want mercy to be a low mobility support that can heal through things she absolutely should not be able to... I think Flats was correct. They want this game to be casual. They are balancing for low rank/casual players."

Overwatch 2 streamer Flats has been discussing the issue with Mercy since the game launched.

Despite the ongoing frustration from top players, many gamers expressed on Twitter that Blizzard has been "refusing to listen to high rated Mercy" players. Some even added that it's felt "disheartening" to give feedback just to have Blizzard say that everything looked good and balanced.

Blizzard has yet to react to the most recent wave of frustration from Mercy mains. For now, however, it doesn't sound like developers have any changes in store for Season 4.

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