How to get the Honey Bee Mercy skin in Overwatch 2 cover image

How to get the Honey Bee Mercy skin in Overwatch 2

Buzzing with excitement over the new season? Don’t bee tardy in finding out how to get the Honey Bee Mercy skin in Overwatch 2!

First things first: Mercy wasn't nerfed in the post recent Overwatch 2 Season 3 patch. Second: This Honey Bee Mercy skin is amazing and we don't know how they keep giving her all the best skins. It's just not fair to the other, non-crab costumed Heroes of the game. So, what do you need to do to choo-choo-choose this skin?

Here's the details on this Season 3 addition to the Overwatch 2 shop. Just remember to bee on your best bee-havior.

Okay. I'll stop. These puns are too painful. Some may even say they are stingi--

How to get Honey Bee Mercy in Overwatch 2

The Honey Bee Mercy Overwatch 2 skin was added to the game's shop with the release of Season 3. Part of a bundle for real money, you'll need to poney up ten dollars USD for the pack. However, your dollarbucks net you the sweet, honey-based skin, a Bee weapon charm, and 1000 Overwatch Coins.

So, if you're keeping track so far: Take that ten dollars you were going to pay for the Season 3 battle pass. Instead, get this skin, as well as get the coins needed for said pass.

That, my friends, is what we call a deal.

Every season thus far has had a deal similar to this, which is an absolute steal. Do yourself a favor if you haven't already pulled the trigger on the battle pass and get this pack first. After all, what better way to sweeten the pot than getting a 'free' skin with your battle pass?

Ah... Bee puns. It's a good day. Now, get out there, try out the new Antarctic Peninsula map, and show those naysayers what Honey Bee Mercy is all about!

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