The two newest additions to Overwatch, the healer Illari and the Flashpoint PvP mode join ranked play started today. Let’s peek at the meta.

Ready or not, Illari and Flashpoint Mode are coming to ranked play. Announced earlier today by Overwatch 2 Director Aaron Keller, both the game's newest Support Hero and PvP mode now become legal for the game's made competitive mode. With the additions should also come a push of the current meta's Overton Window, with a number of Heroes gaining (or losing) in power.

The news comes as the Overwatch League enters the potential last leg of it's lifespan and prepares for a new patch. Heavy rumor is already swirling from leaked OWL scrimmages in regards to what team compositions may rule the pro roost.

Let's talk about that.

Illari, Flashpoint ranked play upheaval

The addition of Illari and Flashpoint Mode to ranked play and Overwatch League is yet another turning point in the game's balance. This sort of thing has happened before, with major patches releasing near the tail-end of the pro season. The first major upheaval came with the release of Brigitte in 2018, who made an immediate impact on the meta. Her combination of stuns, an at-the-time big shield, and high damage made her unignorable.

The same would happen again with the release of Sigma a year later. Released in August 2019, the shield tank made an immediate impact on the pro scene. So much that the San Francisco Shock and Vancouver Titans both went into the 2019 Grand finals with Sigma compositions.

Is the same thing doomed to repeat with Illari and Flashpoint coming to ranked? Maybe, but maybe not. The creative team revealed earlier today that two nerfs are coming Illari's way. This includes changes to her Healing Pylon, as well as her Ultimate.

Without knowing the extent of those nerfs it's impossible to tell how much her playtime in ranked and OWL might be affected. However, we do know that a number of Overwatch League teams are already working compositions featuring the new Healer in tandem with Baptiste.

Overwatch 2 Flashpoint Suravasa map (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Overwatch 2 Flashpoint Suravasa map (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Likewise, this looks to mean a rise in use for Ultimate-swallowing Heroes such as D.VA, Sigma, and Orisa.

We'll check back in two weeks from now and see how the additions to OWL played out. Until then, get out there and click on some heads as Illari!

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