Looking to dominate the new mode? Let our Overwatch Flashpoint guide navigate you to victory during Season 6!

It's been a while since Overwatch fans got a new PVP mode. Yet, here we are on the launch of Season 6 and the Invasion patch--thank you, John Cena. And while there's a wealth of new goodies to go over on this blessed day, one of the biggest gaps in your knowledge may be the new mode, Flashpoint. Have no fear, you've clicked on our Overwatch Flashpoint guide and we have the scoop!

Featuring gigantic maps, King of the Hill-styled gameplay, and unique objective points for each team fight, Flashpoint is overwhelming. Add in the fact that there's a new support floating around (literally) and you may feel unprepared.

Well, let's fix that and talk about Flashpoint, what to know, and how to win!

Overwatch Flashpoint guide: What is Flashpoint?


  • The maps in Flashpoint are big, so learn the terrain and stay together.
  • Mobility-based Heroes such as Sombra and Wrecking Ball will rule supreme.
  • Don't blow Ultimates on won fights, and instead save them for the next objective.

Okay, so for those of you playing along at home we're just going to tell you verbatim from the patch notes what Flashpoint is all about. Go read this if you don't know what's the what.

Flashpoint is the newest core game mode available on two of the biggest maps to date: Suravasa and New Junk City. Gameplay begins with both teams pursuing a central objective called a Flashpoint, aiming to capture it before the opposing team does. Capture progress for Flashpoint is like the Control game mode, but plays out faster.

A point is captured by a team once a Flashpoint reaches 100% capture progress. If the Flashpoint is being contested by a member of the opposite team currently not in control when the capture progress reaches 99%, Overtime will activate until either the team in control can remove all remaining opponents off, or until the contesting team can retake control of the Flashpoint.

A point is scored when a Flashpoint is fully captured by a team, however, gameplay continues when a new Flashpoint located somewhere else on the map is activated, and both teams must immediately race to capture it. As additional Flashpoints unlock, the spawn locations of each team will be of generally equal distance to the currently activated Flashpoint.

The team to be the first to successfully capture three of the five flashpoints wins the match.

The TL;DR? You're going to play 2CP Assault until one team has captured three points. Boom. Easy. Done. Now, let's move on with our Overwatch Flashpoint guide and what you can do to maximize your time.

Scout early, scout often

There is two things to know about the two Flashpoint maps of New Donk Junk City and Suravasa. Both are massive, sprawling affairs, and all of the capture points possess multiple points of entry. Now, your first inclination when playing Flashpoint may be to attack the point, then sit and wait. However, this doesn't take advantage of the map's large nature or the element of surprise.

Because of this, mobility Heroes will serve a vital role in both defending and assaulting a point. Heroes such as Tracer, Wrecking Ball, Sombra, Hanzo, and other scouts provide a supreme tactical advantage. After all, you don't have to just keep going through the same entry point and take the same paths.

The maps are big for a reason, use them to your advantage!

Stay together, live longer

We're going to drop some "well, duh" knowledge in this Overwatch Flashpoint guide, but it begs repeating: Working as a group keeps everyone alive. One of the quickest ways to lose in Overwatch is for your team to trickle onto a point, staggering in the process.

Even more so in Flashpoint, you will need to be five at all times and move as a pack. The spawn points are nowhere near the capture nodes, so make sure everyone is following the leader and not getting lost along the way--unless that is part of the plan. As we mentioned, Heroes such as Wrecking Ball do a great job of getting in and out of a point to spy on where the enemy is located.

Speaking of those capture points.

Overwatch Flashpoint guide: High and low

Part of your success in Flashpoint will come from knowing the layout of each objective. No matter which map, all of the objectives feature unique topography and a mix of high and low entry points. In some cases, the point will even be up on a platform, or hidden around lots of cover.

As seen in the clip above, knowing how the points are connected provides a tactical advantage. Despite not getting kills immediately with the Whole Hog, the entire enemy team was knocked down off the platform, giving the defending team a height advantage. Likewise, the 'Arena' point on New Junk City requires a team to go down into a pit to capture the node. That provides an additional advantage for the attacking squad.

This is why some capture points may be more favorable to either side at a given time. Know which is which!

Hold em, then fold em

Ultimate usage and ult economy will be of the utmost importance in this new mode. And while that feels like a more general tip than something for an Overwatch Flashpoint guide, let it serve as a warning. In this mode, a single Ultimate may be enough to swing a fight. So, be aware of how many ults your team has online while also keeping track of where the enemy team may be in their own economy.

That is all to say, don't go into a fight with the plan of everyone hitting 'Q' all at once. It's a long fight across multiple nodes and you might be better off saving that Ultimate for the next objective.

Good luck out there in Flashpoint, and have fun!

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