John Cena is here to advertise the Overwatch Invasion update cover image

John Cena is here to advertise the Overwatch Invasion update

John Cena is here to help promote the Overwatch Invasion story missions. Are the heroes ready for some Thuganomics?

Well, I suppose that answers our question from last week about how John Cena and Overwatch were involved. Revealed today in a live-action trailer, former WWE champion John Cena is the hacker 'Enigma' in this Overwatch Invasion update trailer. And while pretending that John Cena is a hacker might be the most keeping kayfabe ever, we're not going to deny the man his money.

After all, he does know how to speak Mandarin.

Take a look at the John Cena Overwatch: Invasion trailer below the header.

John Cena as 'Enigma' in Overwatch Invasion trailer

The most famous invisible man in the world is here, much like how Megan Fox helped provide some star power for Diablo IV. In the minute-long trailer to help promote the Overwatch: Invasion story missions, John Cena plays the role of a mysterious hacker named Enigma. Sending out the call on multiple Null Sector attacks across the world, Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect is looking for heroes.

So, hey: If you've ever wanted to see John Cena lovingly caress Brig's flail then this is your chance.

To quote Blizzard's PR line:

Prepare for the #Overwatch2 Invasion. Null Sector’s forces are attacking Rio, Gothenburg, and Toronto. Answer the call, heroes. Defend the world in Overwatch 2 Invasion Story Missions on August 10th.

It's not live yet, but there is an official website set up for the "Fight the Invasion' promotion. Be sure to check it out and tune in on August 10 when the Invasion patch goes live with a new Hero, story missions, a new battle pass, and more.

And, hey: Maybe if we all wish hard enough we'll get a WWE crossover event.

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