The Kiriko Terrible Tornado skin is a must-have for Kiriko mains and One Punch Man fans alike. Here is how to unlock it during the event.

Overwatch 2 fans are obsessing over the new Kiriko skin, which has the vibrant support hero cosplaying as One Punch Man's Terrible Tornado.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 will bring the first-ever crossover event to Blizzard's sequel. The One Punch Man event will go from March 7 to April 6, bringing a collection of skins inspired by One Punch Man cosplays. Kiriko was given green hair and a revealing dress to embody Terrible Tornado, a powerful member of the Hero Association.

How to get the Kiriko Terrible Tornado skin in Overwatch 2

To get the Kiriko Terrible Tornado skin, open the game between March 7 and April 6 and head to the in-game store. Click on the Kiriko Terrible Tornado bundle in the weekly featured section. The bundle costs 2,100 coins.

The bundle includes the Legendary Terrible Tornado skin, of course, as well as the Terribly Impressive victory pose and the Terrible Tornado name card. The victory pose looks exactly Terrible Tornado's stance in the anime.

What is the One Punch Man event in Overwatch 2

The One Punch Man event is the first-ever collaboration in Overwatch 2, meaning it's the first time another IP has been brought into the ever-growing Overwatch lore and universe. To help One Punch Man fit in, developers have explained that the skins are meant to be represent the heroes cosplaying characters from the anime rather than One Punch Man's universe existing within Overwatch's.

So far, it's unclear what the One Punch Man event will have beyond Legendary skins. A trailer is dropping on March 7 that will reveal more information about the event.

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