Kiriko will be given a huge makeover for the One Punch Man crossover coming to Overwatch 2 inspired by Terrible Tornado.

There's another One Punch Man crossover skin coming to Overwatch 2. Kiriko will be dressing up as Terrible Tornado in just a few days.

The Overwatch community was surprised when developers announced a One Punch Man-themed skin for Doomfist. It was the first-ever crossover skin to be in Overwatch so it definitely caught fans off guard. But who better to sport a One Punch Man fit than Doomfist, the man with the giant, metal fist gauntlet?

Now, Kiriko is getting a similar treatment.

Kiriko x Terrible Tornado skin coming to Overwatch 2

It was recently announced that Kiriko will be the next hero to get a One Punch Man skin. Her character is Terrible Tornado, a brash and outspoken character that's recognized as one of the most powerful heroes in the Hero Association. She considers beating up baddies her duty and enjoys the satisfaction it gives her.

Kiriko will sport her signature green hair and revealing black dress. Just like Terrible Tornado, Kiriko will show a lot of leg in this outfit.

"She fits the silhouette of [Terrible Tornado] pretty well. So it just felt like a natural choice — we could do her hairstyle, but a lot of Kiriko’s base silhouette comes from her skirt, the little kind of angled parts on her clothing. So we could keep that look while capturing [Terrible Tornado] in kind of cosplay form," said art director Dion Rogers.

When are the One Punch Man skins coming to Overwatch 2?

You can expect to see the Terrible Tornado skin during a crossover event later this season. The event will be running from March March 7 to April 6, giving players a month to explore the new cosmetics and whatever other content will be available.

The skin will cost 2,100 in-game currency. It will be available as part of a bundle that also includes the Terribly Impressive victory pose and the Terrible Tornado name card.

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