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One of the most beautifully designed video games, Overwatch is best enjoyed with friends. But Activision Blizzard has made having a account compulsory for playing Overwatch 2. Here’s How to accept friend requests in Overwatch 2. 

Overwatch 2 released on October 4 amidst much fanfare. The game has already garnered more than 35 million players within a month of release. With a new game mode, new heroes, new map amidst several other changes, Overwatch 2 has brought in a lot of new players to the game title. 

Adding friends in Overwatch

Accepting friends in Overwatch is not difficult as long as you know where to go. You may meet new people in game and then they might add you to game together.

Go to socials tab

Click Invitations

The friends tab under socials in Overwatch 2.
Check the Invitations tab. If you see the ‘new’ notification, it usually means you have a friend request.

Click Tick icon to accept friend requests

Click on the tick mark to accept the friend request.

But how do you know if you have a new friend request in Overwatch? It’s simple – you will receive a notification if you have received a new friend request. The notification will be visible as follows.

Will friends show up in Overwatch

Soon after you accept a friend request, you should receive a notification in the bottom left corner of your screen. The notification will read similar to the image below and will notify you that your friend is now in your friends list.

Once you accept a friend request, you should see a yellow text pop up in the bottom left corner of your scren. Hurrah! You’re now friends.

If you have your friends in a particular region they will also show up in your Overwatch friends list. Friends can see when you are online or if you are in a game. They can request to join your party or even invite you to their party. 

How to send add friends in

The process for adding friends in is also extremely simple. You should make sure you are logged in the same region as your friend. Then you enter his battletag ID and send a friend request.

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