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GM players may get own competitive queue in Overwatch 2

Top Overwatch 2 players want a special queue for top players and that may be finally happening, according to devs.

Overwatch 2 devs are considering a new competitive queue for Grandmaster players only.

Overwatch players have been asking that a competitive tournament mode be added to Overwatch 2 but it seemed like the request was falling on deaf ears. Meanwhile, VALORANT announced Premier mode, making Overwatch players even more jealous.

It seems that developers may have had something in the works this whole time, however.

Overwatch 2 systems designer Gavin Winter was joined by a few other Overwatch devs on a stream with Eskay and Jay3. The discussion became a bit juicy when Winter was asked if GM players would ever have the ability to queue with more than two teammates.

At first, Winter focused on why it's been hard to have GM players competing against each other. But he soon revealed that a new competitive queue could be coming in the future.

"We are thinking about ways that let GM players play together in a competitive setting that isn’t necessarily a competitive role queue,” Winter admitted.

The problem with GM players in ranked queue

Players have been asking for a special ranked mode for the best players in the game for a while now. This is because of something Winter also agreed with — it's hard to find a balanced and evenly ranked match for players in GM to top 500 despite recent matchmaking updates.

Top players are often streamers, Overwatch League players, or Contenders. This has made the super long wait time for these matches even more noticeable, especially during a livestream. Simply putting a five stack of Overwatch League players in a lobby could create an unfair match if the other team doesn't have the same amount of Overwatch League players, meaning squads often have to wait and wait and wait.

The new mode would fix this issue, however.

Unfortunately, not much is known about this new ranked queue, including what it's called, when it's coming, or even how it works.