The ranked system has changed in Overwatch 2. Here is all about the ranks and how they work in the sequel.

Overwatch 2 looks a lot like Overwatch 1 at first but there have been a lot of changes to the competitive gameplay and ranked system in the sequel.

Overwatch 1 had a skill rating system but it’s now been replaced. Now, players’ ranks are based on several games instead of individual victories and losses. Ranked match victories depend on the number of points players earn per round.


Overwatch 2 competitive ranks

Overwatch 2 has two ranked modes: Role Queue and Open Queue. To take part in either mode, players need to have played the previous Overwatch or will need to play 50 games to unlock them.

  • Role Queue: Players must lock in a role before entering the queue. Each team has one tank, two DPS, and two support
  • Open Queue: Players don’t need to specify a role

When the season starts, players have to get seven wins or 20 losses to get a starting rank. From there, gamers have to get seven wins to go up a rank or will go down a rank if they get 20 losses. Depending on an individual’s performance, they can end up skipping ranks when they climb. In Overwatch 1, players had to climb up rank by rank.

Within each rank is five sub-divisions. Here are the Overwatch 2 ranks:

  • Bronze 5-1
  • Silver 5-1
  • Gold 5-1
  • Platinum 5-1
  • Diamond 5-1
  • Master 5-1
  • Grandmaster 5-1
Genji in Overwatch 2
Genji from Overwatch 2. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch 2 ranked rewards

Players can receive rewards while playing ranked by earning competitive points. These points can be used to purchase golden weapons at 3,000 CP per piece. Gamers can further show off their Overwatch skills with titles to put on their name cards for each season. The competitive points are given out at the end of each season based on the rank players finish on:

  • Bronze: 65
  • Silver: 125
  • Gold: 250
  • Platinum: 500
  • Diamond: 750, Diamond Challenger
  • Master: 1,200, Master Challenger
  • Grandmaster: 1,750, Grandmaster Challenger
  • Top 500: 1,750, Top 500 Challenger

The titles for completing a certain number of ranked games include Adept Competitor for 250 games, Seasoned Competitor for 750 games, and Expert Competitor if players reach 1,750 games in a single season.

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