Pizza Hut Canada is offering free breadsticks as the Titans (finally) completed the Breadstick Bingo.

The Vancouver Titans have salvaged a winless season with a 3-0 victory over Boston Uprising. The team also completed the Breadstick Bingo to get free breadsticks for its Canadian fans.

A win this late into the season does not do much to help the team. Vancouver Titans are pretty much out of contention for the playoffs, but the 3-0 win over Boston Uprising helps them save some face. After all, no one wants to repeat Shanghai Dragons' infamous 0-40 in Season 1. This win also secured free breadsticks for Canadian fans, thanks largely to an excellent marketing campaign by Pizza Hut Canada. 

The free breadsticks storyline has slowly developed into one of the most exciting ones of the season. As fans cheered for the Vancouver Titans, the team’s games saw increased viewership and interest. Vancouver Titans is out of contention for the season playoffs, but they have created an unrivaled buzz around their team and their sponsor, Pizza Hut Canada. Vancouver Titans’ last victory was nearly a  year ago when they defeated Boston Uprising 3-0 in August 2020. They broke their loss record against the same team, this time, yet again, with a 3-0 win.

How did Vancouver Titans complete the Breadstick Bingo?

After failing to complete the initial quests for free breadsticks in the season, Vancouver Titans had a new goal. As part of its sponsorship Pizza Hut Canada offered fans in the North free breadsticks if the Titans completed the Bingo.

The Titans simply had to complete any three quests in a row in order to secure free breadsticks for their fans. The Titans completed the Bingo in the first map itself ticking off the 'Double Pulse bomb' and the 'Piledriver Elimination.'

Chang-sik "ChangSik" Moon’s Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver kill and Dalton "Dalton" Bennyhoff’s Double Pulse bomb secured the breadsticks in Map 1 of the series. 

The Titans looked dominant throughout the series, capitalizing on mobility and outmaneuvering their opponents. Dalton was instrumental in the team’s performance on his Tracer, constantly harassing opponents and being elusive to the enemy DPS. He dealt a lot of damage as the Boston Uprising struggled to contain him.

Vancouver Titans will face off against the Washington Justice next on August 8. It will be interesting to see if the team can find form and win another match towards the end of the season. 

How to get free Breadsticks?

Fans can avail of free breadsticks from Pizza Hut Canada. The pizza chain has activated a code for those ordering in. You need to use the code ‘Getbread’ at for the free breadsticks. The offer is valid only for the next 24 hours. 

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Featured Image Credit: Vancouver Titans.

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