Its free Breadsticks, but also a brilliant Marketing campaign.

The Vancouver Titans won their first match in the current Overwatch League Season after a 3-0 victory over Boston Uprising. The victory does not help the team’s chances to qualify for the playoffs, but it was a momentous occasion nevertheless. 

Vancouver Titans completed the Breadstick Bingo during Map 1 of the series against the Boston Uprising. This means Canadian Overwatch fans can get free breadsticks for the next 24 hours from Pizza Hut Canada

Free Breadsticks you say?

Pizza Hut Canada is a sponsor for the Vancouver Titans. The sponsorship deal has quickly turned into an innovative campaign for Vancouver Titans to complete certain goals to secure free breadsticks. The free breadsticks storyline has its origin at the beginning of the season. As the sponsor for Vancouver Titans, Pizza Hut Canada offered fans free breadsticks if the team would go to a Map 5 scenario against Toronto Defiant. The Vancouver Titans lost. But Pizza Hut quickly extended the offer to all of Vancouver’s matches in the May Melee.

Surely, Vancouver would win a match soon? But Vancouver Titans failed to perform and could not go to a Map 5 through the May Melee. The fifth map never came. The Titans lost all of its May Melee matches with a 1-3 score. 

The free breadsticks were always on offer, but Vancouver Titans was just not getting enough out of their matches. Pizza Hut Canada then offered free breadsticks if the team’s players could score a single environmental kill. Still no.

Breadstick Bingo

The quest for free breadsticks was an elusive one for Vancouver Titans. When the League’s official broadcast started mentioning the free breadstick saga, fans flocked to Vancouver Titans’ matches. The desire to watch Vancouver Titans win free breadsticks was an overwhelming one, even though the task seemed Herculean to Vancouver players.

Pizza Hut started the Breadstick Bingo, wherein there were eight different goals. These goals were diverse and included a mix of different types of eliminations, team victory and more But the Vancouver Titans needed to complete three in a row in any direction to win the Bingo.

There were new challenges for different matches which included targets such as total ultimate eliminations, Titans Team wipes, Quad EMPs. triple elimination with ultimate etc. 

The Breadstick Bingo is an excellent example of how brands can turn a disappointing situation in their favor. Using free breadsticks as an incentive, Pizza Hut Canada generated enough buzz around their marketing campaign. Over time, even non-Vancouver Titan fans started rooting for the Titans to win and get the free breadsticks. 

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Featured Image Credit: Vancouver Titans.

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