Fortnite and Overwatch 2 have combined thanks to the Unreal Editor.

Unreal Editor came to Fortnite earlier this month, giving battle royale fans a new way to be creative. It's an entirely different app that allows Fortnite players to create landscapes, model new content, design gameplay with Verse, and collaborate with others in real time.

Now, a 3D artist known as Piston has created an entire Overwatch map with Fortnite's new technology.

The impressive recreation of deathmatch map Malevento looked straight out of Overwatch. Pistol explained that they extracted all of the Overwatch assets right from the game files, making it a "port" of sorts.

No matter how it was done, the idea of having a very accurate Overwatch map inside of Fortnite had gamers hype. On Twitter, fans called it "surreal" and were excited at the concept of incorporating Fortnite's gameplay elements into an Overwatch map. Some players begged for the code, wanting to explore the familiar location.

Pistol noted, however, that they weren't going to make the map public.

Still, it showed just how powerful Fortnite's new tool is and showcased what's possible with enough effort. People are starting to ask for iconic Overwatch maps to be ported into Fortnite, including King's Row and Gibraltar. Others are already imagining how other games could also look in Fortnite.

Why is Maxwell The Cat in Overwatch?

The real question is, why not?

Many gamers quickly spotted Maxwell in a few different key locations across the Fortnite version of Malevento. The precision and talent and vision it took to add Maxwell to the map so seamlessly is astonishing.

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