Unreal Editor is coming to Fortnite for Creative 2.0 cover image

Unreal Editor is coming to Fortnite for Creative 2.0

Unreal Editor is coming to Fortnite. Find out more information below.

Fortnite's Creative 2.0 is almost here, as the game officially announces that Unreal Editor will be joining the Battle Royale. Game developers and map makers will be able to take their creations to a whole new level with this new addition.

Here is everything you need to know about Unreal Editor coming to Fortnite.

Fortnite Unreal Editor: Release date and more

The game's Battle Royale mode may be what turns heads these days, but not for long. Fortnite has been hinting at Creative 2.0 coming to the game sometime in 2023, and it looks like we are getting our first piece of it.

Fortnite Unreal Editor for Creative 2.0 via Epic Games
Fortnite Unreal Editor for Creative 2.0 via Epic Games

So when does Fortnite's Unreal Editor release? It is currently set to hit the Epic Games store on March 23 and will be completely free.

So how does this differ from creating in Fortnite creative? Well, there are a lot of different features to unpack.

Creative 2.0 is almost here! Fortnite preparing to add its Unreal Editor

For one, the Fortnite Unreal Editor is a completely separate application from Fortnite itself. Instead of editing in Creative Mode, developers will edit directly in the new app.

This includes multiple new features (as listed on Epic's website):

  • Create custom content with Modeling and Material tools.
  • Import meshes, textures, animations, and audio.
  • Use Niagara to create VFX effects.
  • Animate with Control Rig and Sequencer.
  • Design gameplay with Verse.
  • Build Landscapes to create and flesh out the environment.
  • Create larger experiences with World Partition.
  • Use Fab to discover and import assets.
  • Use Live Edit to collaborate in real-time with others.
  • Integrated Revision Control to collaborate with Unreal Revision Control

The craziest part about this is that Epic Games has given access to many of the tools they have used to create Fortnite to the creator fanbase.

With how popular creative has been getting these past few years, we should expect to see entire games developed within Fortnite.

It is starting to look like Fortnite is becoming the next Roblox.

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