Everything we know about the new Overwatch Flashpoint PVP mode [UPDATED] cover image

Everything we know about the new Overwatch Flashpoint PVP mode [UPDATED]

A new core PVP mode is coming to Overwatch in the form of Flashpoint. Here’s everything we know about this major and massive mode.

While story missions are... whatever, we all know the real meat of Overwatch is its PVP content. I'm not here to learn more about Reaper's sad backstory or why Ana and Widowmaker hate each other. No: Gimmie that new competitive content. And in that regard Blizzard revealed the first details of the new Overwatch Flashpoint PVP mode today at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Releasing with the start of Season 6 and the Overwatch: Invasion update, Flashpoint will give the Overwatch faithful a new way to play. While we don't know much yet, we do have some scant details from the Xbox Wire blog post.

Editor's note: This post has been updated as of the June 21 Invasion reveal livestream.

What is the Overwatch Flashpoint mode?

It's not often that Overwatch sees a new, full-time PVP mode. However, the Flashpoint mode is being called "Overwatch 2’s biggest PVP maps to date." The new mode will require your team to capture three objectives on the map at one time, which are called Flashpoints. However, capturing an objective doesn't mean it's your forever. Similar to World of Warcraft PVP maps such as Arathi Basin, your goal will be to take and hold multiple objectives across these massive maps.

Speaking of the maps, the two revealed so far include:

  • Junkertown: New Junk City
  • India: Seravasa

"Things move fast – there won’t be any relaxing once a point is captured, as the next one is already waiting to be captured as well," describes the Overwatch Flashpoint mode announcement. It sounds as if divide and conquer will play a huge part in the new mode. Do you abandon a newly gained objective to stop the other team? Leave someone behind to play guard? Or go all-out for control?

All of these questions and more will be answered on August 10 when the Overwatch: Invasion and Flashpoint mode hit the live servers. We'll provide further updates once more footage of the mode makes it's debut.

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