Cheaters (hopefully) never prosper as Overwatch 2 bolsters Defense Matrix cover image

Cheaters (hopefully) never prosper as Overwatch 2 bolsters Defense Matrix


Cheaters in Overwatch 2 will continue to struggle if Blizzard’s new Defense Matrix Initiative roll-outs for Season 3 have any say in the matter.

The communication flood from Blizzard to Overwatch fans continues. The developer talked about its current methods for deterring cheaters in Overwatch 2 via its Defense Matrix Initiative in a blog post today. A lot of what's said boils down to "report people doing bad things and we've eventually sort through them all." However, does provide a balm to those tired of all the try-hard cheaters of the world.
I'm looking at you, every Hanzo that's ever landed a headshot on me as Pharah.

Cheaters gonna cheat

Starting with a Season 2 rollout, the main feature of the Defense Matrix is automatic "disruptive voice chat" detection, supposedly able to somewhat moderate and mute the nasties. Though, like any system is still requires the vigilant eye of the playerbase to act as hall-monitor.
In regards to the new technology, Blizzard said the Defense Matrix is "accurate and effective in identifying abusive chat and language."
Whatever that means. But, any news is good news.
New protections will include streamer anonymity options similar to those found in VALORANT. Soon streamers will be able to hide battletags, hide their queue-up time, or even randomize it to throw stream-snipers off the scent. These social features and more will roll out next week with Season 3.

Staying ever-vigilant in Overwatch 2

The new system to deter cheaters in Overwatch 2 appears to be working. Blizzard reports in the blog post that "we have actioned over 50,000 accounts that we found to be cheating since the launch of Overwatch 2." The developer looks to expand this further as, starting in Season 3 it will take action against those intentionally grouping up with known cheaters. Take care that your friends don't bonk you into jail, gang.
And as we've seen when Overwatch League pros get the ban hammer, account boosting is also off the table. Regardless of whether or not you think the game has a cheating problem, it does appear Blizzard cares and is attempting to stem the tide for players of all levels. Which, is more than we can say than some other games.
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