Blizzard launches Unleash Hope video to celebrate Overwatch 2 release cover image

Blizzard launches Unleash Hope video to celebrate Overwatch 2 release

Blizzard has released a video called Unleash Hope in honor of Overwatch 2’s launch earlier today. Is the launch going as planned?

In celebration of Overwatch 2 releasing today, Blizzard has dropped a visually stunning video called "Unleash Hope."

The video is a unique blend of real people and iconic moments from Overwatch and its media, showing people and Overwatch's hero roster coming together. At one point, a D.Va cosplayer touches a mirror and sees the actual D.Va on the other side of the glass, touching her palm to hers. At another point we see two people holding hands, which later turns to Echo and Cassidey.

"Hope. We treat it like some sort of wish. But its not something we can let the universe decide. It's up to us. "

There were also moments dedicated to Overwatch League, like San Francisco Shock winning the Grand Finals. This was spliced with athletes competing in various sports and Overwatch heroes looking intensely at the camera.

"When we come together, this is when hope is forged. And when we do, it becomes a force more powerful than any weapon."

"It moves faster than the speed of light, brings giants to their knees, and wins battles that are lost. So although at times it can be torn down to a shred, now more than ever hope is in our hands."

The impactful Unleash Hope video is meant to bring gamers together for Overwatch 2, which just went live at 12 PM PST today. But the Overwatch community wasn't feeling the love.

Overwatch 2 players report long queues on launch day

Many Overwatch players have been shocked by the game's queue, with some claiming that there are thousands of people in front of them. Others noted that their cosmetics didn't carry over as promised. There were also players who argued they couldn't have merged accounts because they didn't have a phone number.

While this may sound chaotic, it was to be expected. Many have even predicted that the servers would go down in some way as everyone attempts to play online at the very same time.

Overwatch 2 has been heavily anticipated since 2019. After constant delays and roadblocks, the game officially arrived earlier today. For the past few months, gamers have been playing the beta — or watching streams of people playing it — and hearing all about the new battle pass and heroes. It's definitely been a major buildup after so many years, which makes it all the less surprising that too many people hopped into the game at once.

If you're still feeling Overwatch 2, Blizzard is hoping to have #UnleashHope trend on Twitter, inspired by the message in the video. A lot of streamers have already started using the hashtag, calling the video wholesome and encouraging people to watch them stream Overwatch 2 on its launch day.