Wild Circuit: Riot unveils Wild Rift esports’ off-season details cover image

Wild Circuit: Riot unveils Wild Rift esports’ off-season details

With a three-month long off-season, Riot has planned a lot of events to keep fans hooked.

The Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 marked the end of the first official season for Wild Rift esports. The offseason is currently ongoing and Riot Games has revealed more details on what esports fans can expect.

Riot has named the offseason for the mobile MOBA title as the Wild Circuit. It will feature separate tournaments by third-party organizers from July 18 to Oct. 23 in different regions around the world.

Here’s the schedule for the Wild Circuit

Riot Games has revealed the schedule for the Wild Circuit in Brazil, China, LATAM, North America, and SEA/Korea/Japan. Surprisingly, Europe is missing from the list of regions with Wild. The company hasn't revealed a reason behind this. Here is the schedule for the Wild Rift esports competitions in the off-season.

Starting with Brazil, the Wild Circuit will feature three open qualifiers leading into the official Wild Circuit Series in September.

  • July 21: Wild Circuit Qualifier One
  • Aug. 11: Wild Circuit Qualifier Two
  • Aug. 18: Wild Circuit Qualifier Three
  • September and October: Wild Circuit Series

Over in China, four third-party tournaments have been lined up before the Wild Rift League (WRL) Season two begins in October.

  • July 29: Snapdragon Pro Series
  • Aug. 1: Huya The Legend Cup
  • Aug. 2: Douyu Wild Rift Master Series
  • Aug. 19: Weibo Cup

Latin America has the most stacked off-season with as many as six Wild Rift esports tournaments lined up.

  • August: Movistar Super Series: Wild Rift, Movistar Stars Cup, ESL Play Americas, The Thunder Rift, and Leyendas Salvajes Wild Rift
  • September: Wild Rift Mayor League

In North America, the Rift MSTRS Wild Rift is set to return along with a Wild Circuit Series in the region.

  • July 29: Wild Circuit Series - North America
  • Sept. 23: Rift MSTRS Wild Rift

For the SEA, Korea, and Japan regions, Riot Games is holding a Wild Circuit Asia Invitational 2022. It seems that the tournament will include invited teams from all three regions which will make it even more exciting.

  • September and October: Wild Circuit Asia Invitational 2022

What’s next for Wild Rift Esports?

Credits: Riot Games
Credits: Riot Games

With the off-season concluding on Oct. 23, the established regional leagues are expected to make a return. These are as follows:

  • Wild Rift League (WRL): China
  • Wild Tour Brazil (WBR)
  • Latin America Open (WOL)
  • Wild Rift Champions (WCS): Southeast Asia
  • EMEA Championship (WEC)
  • Champions Korea (WCK)
  • North America Series (WNS)
  • Japan Cup (WJC)

The Wild Rift Icons was the mobile game’s equivalent of the League of Legends World Championships. It remains to be seen what Riot has in store as an end-of-year global event for the game, similar to the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) for League of Legends on PC.

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