First-ever Wild Rift Icons Global Champions, Nova esports will receive their own skin line in the game.

China's Nova Esports clean-swept J-Team to win the first-ever Wild Rift Icons Global Championship at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore. The WRL third seed fought its way from the Play-in stage to the group stage without losing any series. Moreover, the team only dropped one game in each semi-final played against KT Rolster and FunPlus Phoenix.

Having taken down the first seed of the WRL, Nova were favourites heading into the Wild Rift Icons finals. Although they had a slow start in the first game, they quickly picked the pace up in the next three games to end the series with a convincing 4-0 scoreline.

Nova Esports team. Image Credit: Riot Games
Nova Esports team. Image Credit: Riot Games

This win makes it the second time that China will win an international Wild Rift event in a dominant fashion. The region won the Horizon Cup last year and looked stronger than ever again this year. Nova will take home the grand prize of $640,000; become the first organization with seven mobile World Championships. The mobile games they've won include Clash Royale, Clash of Clan, PUBG Mobile as well as Peacekeeper Elite.

Nova Wild Rift Icons skins

Riot earlier confirmed in a live media conference that the winners of the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship will receive their own skin line. This means that Nova will be the first team in Wild Rift history with in-game skins.

The winners of Icon (Icons 2022) will have in-game skins dedicated to their achievements. Each of the five players from the winning team will get to choose which champions will be included in the skin design

Alan Moore, Game Director on Wild Rift.

Moreover, the Nova players also made their Wild Rift Icon skin preferences known during the conference. The player picks are as follows:

  • Zhang "Y1ze" Yize- Riven or Camille
  • An "Long" Xulong-Lee Sin
  • Wei "Nian" Haojin- Lucian or Corki
  • Ma "Remake" Zhengyue-Senna
  • Tang "Yami" Zhiqang-Yuumi or Nasus

The skins will be available in Wild Rift by 2023 for all players. Additionally, the Icons Global Championship recorded 53,393 peak viewers with Rex Regum Qeon versus Donuts Unsold Stuff Gaming being the most popular series. While the viewership from the Chinese Huya broadcast is not added the esports chart record show that Riot must find ways to increase the viewership of the mobile game in the upcoming season 2.