The game’s release is certainly not anywhere close.

Riot Games announced VALORANT Mobile back in 2021. Since then, fans from around the world have been waiting for the game to arrive on Android and iOS. However, in a recent interview with Esports Inquirer, Anna Donlon, the executive producer for VALORANT at Riot Games, dropped an update on VALORANT Mobile – and it spells bad news for the handheld version of the popular first-person shooter.

Riot is intentionally not talking about VALORANT Mobile

Donlon acknowledged that fans are hungry for an update on the game, but added that the silence was intentional. She said that Riot will only drop an update on the game when they have news about “if” it's going to come out “when” it’s going to come out.

According to a recent report, Tencent Games, which was helping Riot develop the title, has pulled out from its development. This was apparent because Riot wasn’t happy with the state of development of the game.

Riot single-handedly making the title isn't a bad sign. They have shown a proficiency in creating amazing mobile titles, like Wild Rift. However, VALORANT Mobile’s release may now be delayed even more.

Donlon said that Riot’s goal right now was to create a title which felt “really good” on mobile. She added that this has been challenging but they are making progress.

“The game is absolutely being designed to be a competitive shooter on mobile. That is the goal, which is why it’s hard to make.”

Donlon told Esports Insider

Is the game ever coming out?

Valorant Mobile game play leak | Credit: Pritykin Andrew
Valorant Mobile game play leak | Credit: Pritykin Andrew

One thing that was surprising about the interview was Donlon saying that they will be ready to talk about the game “if it’s going to come out.” This indicates that the possibility of VALORANT on mobile never being a reality is a real one.

Donlon did say, though, that Riot understands the opportunity for the title and knows regions which would be better served by having a mobile title.

With mobile being the primary equipment for gaming in many regions of SEA, South Asia, and even Latin America, there is a huge potential for VALORANT Mobile.

Another FPS remake for Android and iOS, CoD Mobile, is an example of the potential that the mobile market possesses. According to a February 2022 report by Sensor Tower, the game has surpassed $1.5 billion in revenue since its October 2019 release. That number has certainly gone up until now.

Fans waiting around for VALORANT Mobile, though, will have to wait even longer.

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