Fans can expect further delays in VALORANT Mobile development.

VALORANT Mobile has been in development for some time now. However, it seems the mobile version of Riot’s popular FPS title is set to experience even more delays. According to multiple reports, Tencent has pulled out of the development process for VALORANT Mobile leaving Riot free to develop it as it desires.

Riot announced VALORANT Mobile on the first-year anniversary of VALORANT. With the Chinese and Southeast Asian Markets seen as a massive opportunity for mobile games, it made sense to prepare a mobile version of VALORANT. However, the version prepared by Tencent seems to have been drastically different from the base IP, and Riot was not happy with the state of development according to SargeOP, a reliable source of information for the mobile games industry.

When will VALORANT Mobile release?

Fans expected VALORANT Mobile to release this year. However, with the latest developments, further delays are inevitable. There has been no official announcement by Riot Games yet.

Fans can expect delays in the launch with expected release dates pushed back to 2024 or even 2025.

Mobile Game will be a significantly different battleground for Riot as the space is already dominated by several other publishers. The mobile gaming market is massive in Asia and Southeast Asia with China also accounting for a significant userbase. Spending on mobile games has grown 29% according and stands at $1.63 billion as per

It is important to note that Riot will develop the mobile version along a console version of the game. The VALORANT community is eagerly waiting for more official news on the release date or progress on VALORANT mobile that will allow them to play their favorite game on the go.

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