One of the first heroes of the game is finally getting an upgrade.

MOONTON is back with Project NEXT for 2023 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The developer released a video offering fans a look at what the project will bring this year – and it's a visual revamp to one of the earliest heroes in MLBB, Layla.

For the unaware, Project NEXT is a project launched in 2020 to improve old heroes. This can be through visual upgrades or even a change in their abilities to fit them into the meta better. MLBB was released back in 2016, and eight years later boasts more than 110 heroes currently. Thus, it's important to look back and bring about some changes from time to time.

Layla is going to look different in MLBB very soon

Layla is one of the original MLBB heroes. The marksman was a part of the initial release and like Zilong and Miya, was featured in the initial marketing material.

She is also among the first heroes any new MLBB player will compete with – as she is a part of the initial tutorial every player must complete when the game is downloaded for the first time.

But, since 2016, Layla has looked exactly the same even as new heroes were introduced and the map in MLBB was revamped. Thus, MOONTON is giving Layla a much-needed new look.


In her updated look, she sports a school uniform – a reference to her origins in the city of science, Eruditio. The updated look comes with better texture quality as well. Additionally, her weapons are being changed as well. Her abilities though will remain the same.


MOONTON has said that it could make some changes to this look before its final release. A release date for the new look of Layla in MLBB hasn't been revealed yet, though.

Project NEXT brings an update to the lore as well

It’s not just Layla’s look that is being changed, but MOONTON is offering a better insight into her backstory as well. Layla’s hometown in the Land of Dawn, Eruditio, is being reintroduced with new designs.


This includes a Spire of Knowledge, Canal Quarters, and the Underground Ruins. The Land of Dawn serves as the world of all MLBB heroes and has various locations where different heroes are from to build up vibrant lore.

Project NEXT will continue with new features throughout the year. MOONTON has been using features like these to keep MLBB refreshing to players. Recently, it also released a collaboration with the K-pop girl group Itzy. As a part of this, the ALLSTAR update was introduced into the game featuring multiple collabs with the band.

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