A music festival is landing inside the game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is releasing its new ALLSTAR update soon, which will also have a collaboration with the South Korean girl group Itzy. The All-Star update is bringing a ton of events to the game, including a new theme to the map, and a much-needed revamp of Minsitthar as well as a MLBB x Itzy collaboration.

Here’s everything you need to know about the MLBB ALLSTAR update.

MLBB x Itzy for a lot of new events

There is one common theme in the ALLSTAR update, and that is a lot of events. With the new collaboration with Transformers coming to an end soon, MLBB is giving fans another huge partnership to keep them hooked on the game.

This time, Itzy, who have now become ambassadors of MLBB, will be making an appearance in the game. The band, consisting of Yuna, Lia, Chaeryeong, Ryuijin, and Yeji, will be a part of the ALLSTAR music festival. It will happen from April 5 to 20. MOONTON hasn’t revealed the exact details about this festival yet, although, the other events have been revealed.


Players have a chance to get four free skins and items worth 1,999 diamonds for free through these events. The events are as follows:

  • Purify Harmonia: March 31 to April 23
  • ALLSTAR Last Encore: March 31 to April 30
  • Login Rewards: March 23 to April 25
  • April Storylight: April 1 to 30
  • ALLSTAR Festival: April 5 to 20

ALLSTAR update to bring a new themed map


Another exciting feature of the update is that the map is getting a completely revamped theme to it. The ALLSTAR theme will introduce new bases and turrets, including an overall change to the terrain. It will be live in the game from March 22 to May 15.

Additionally, the map will apply a glow to heroes and the Lord paving the way for some picturesque battles.

Minsitthar revamp coming along with MLBB x Itzy collaboration


Minsitthar, the legendary fighter, is getting a revamp to his look and abilities. While his first skill and ultimate are getting revamped, MOONTON has completely redesigned his second ability and passive.

His updated skills are as follows:

  • Passive: The new passive prioritizes individual plays with the hero. Now, all his attacks and abilities will apply a stack of Mark of the King on a hero. At maximum stacks, they will be used up and cause damage plus a stun effect on the enemy hero. Additionally, Minsitthar will also regain some of his HP.
  • Spear of Glory (Ability one): He will thrust his spear forward and will stun the enemy at the edge of his weapon. When the spear is pulled back, it will pull all the enemies caught between the hero and the edge of the spear.
  • Skilled Assault (Ability two): When this is used, the hero will deal damage to enemies in an area and slow them. This will put him in a “Phalanx” state. In this, Minsitthar takes less damage from the front. Additionally, his basic attacks are stronger and quicker which deal AOE damage.
  • King’s Calling (Ultimate): Minsitthar leaps forward when this ability is used and summons four Royal Guards in an area around him. These guards can’t move but attack enemy heroes inside the area. Furthermore, all enemies inside the area are slowed.

You can enjoy the Minsitthar revamp and the MLBB x Itzy collab with the ALLSTAR update which will be launching soon.

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