The M5 Support Chest gives you a chance to get 1000 M5 Pass EXP among other rewards!

The M5 Support Chest is now available for purchase in Mobile Legends. This item gives plenty of rewards and is a lucrative offer for players who are vying to get the M5 Pass for a cheaper price. Here's everything you need to know about the M5 Support Chest including its price and rewards!

What is the price of the M5 Support Chest

For only 50 Diamonds, players can get their hands on the M5 Support Chest. This item is available for purchase until the end of M5 season which is December 31st, 2023.

This is an interesting deal for those who doesn't want to spend 399 Diamonds for the regular M5 Pass. However, it also comes with fewer rewards as it is only the basic M5 Pass.

What is in the M5 Support Chest

The chest gives a basic M5 Pass and the M5 Yu Zhong Epic Skin.<br>(Image via Moonton)
The chest gives a basic M5 Pass and the M5 Yu Zhong Epic Skin.
(Image via Moonton)

By purchasing the Support Chest, you will immediately obtain the M5 Pass. This also unlocks the M5 Yu Zhong Epic Skin "Dragon's Shade" by default - which is an item that all M5 Pass owners obtain. However, you will not get the M5 Pass benefits that regular passes have such as the bonus Pass levels and M5 Coins.

The M5 Support Chest provides a chance at getting tons of M5 Pass EXP!<br>(Image via Moonton)
The M5 Support Chest provides a chance at getting tons of M5 Pass EXP!
(Image via Moonton)

On top of that, the Support Chest also has a high M5 Pass EXP drop rate! You have a chance at getting either 250/300/500/1000 M5 Pass EXP in a single chest. Note that 1000 M5 Pass EXP can increase your M5 Pass level by one.

In the first two purchases, you are also guaranteed to receive the M5 Support Bundle. This bundle contains x3 M5 Banner of Morale and x50 Crystal of Aurora.

The M5 Banner of Morale can be activated during the Preparation Phase in game to get bonus M5 Pass EXP. On the other hand, the Crystal of Aurora is an in-game currency (a substitute for Diamonds) that can be used for draw events.

More about the M5 Pass

The M5 Pass, released on November 20th, contains tons of exclusive rewards. You can get your hands on two Yu Zhong epic skins, the "Dragon's Shade" and the "Cosmic Dragon", as well as a real-life Yu Zhong figurine. The M5 Pass also gives you a one-time M3 items encore and an M5 Pass Event Shop. Check out the article below for a more detailed breakdown of the M5 Pass!

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